I'm in Shattered Sanctum. I just cleared out the hobgoblin and his crew, but in the fight one of my characters was knocked into the spider pit.

The spiders remained neutral throughout my fight, but once the fight was over, it immediately put me into a conversation with the spiders. I failed the animal handling check, which put the pit character and another character into combat with the spiders. I took my mage to oversee the pit, and threw out a fireball expecting to be put into combat afterwards. However, I wasn't put into combat with that fireball, or any of them afterwards. I also threw out a Ray of Frost, which didn't put me into combat either.


Also, another bug happened before the fight was over. I didn't realize what was going on, so I didn't take a video, but the summary is that the character who fell into the pit wasn't able to move, or take any actions at all. Everything was greyed out, and clicking the ground or anything didn't do anything. It happened right after she went prone (there was grease under her, and tried to move), so I thought there was a bug with her not getting out of prone or anything. However, I'm pretty sure it was caused by the spider dialogue. I think she was technically having a conversation with the spiders, but since it was during combat nothing happened, and so she was frozen in place and couldn't act. After fighting the spiders, I can move again perfectly fine.