I played tabletop D&D for a real lifetime starting before Advanced but finishing at the beginning of third edition, the one of the original Baldur Gate so i know nothing of new revisions of the rules (Yes i'm a boomer wink ) and i played most of the old videogames starting from Eye of the Beholder up to BG definitive

What i really miss compared to the old BG are two things, unless i missed them, considering that i started the game just a couple times stopping when i realized that my character was identical to one of the NPC you can enroll.

1) multiclass characters. We all know that rogues are both mandatory and useless; mandatory because you need someone able to find traps and open locks, and useless because they are, at least in my playstyle too weak in combat. Having to carry along a full thief compels you to have a very tanky warrior too, being the only line fighter you have, while being able to multiclass would allow for more flexibility in the formation

2) something to show where are the things to interacts with like TAB in BG of old; i know that hardcore player will disagree but like fast travel it is an option, you are not forced to use it if you dont like. I personally DONT like to mouse around every moment hoping to find the hidden cache of treasure or move around trying to find the way to reach a place in the map to discover that there is nothing there; i know some people do, like someone likes to walk across the continent, i dont

3) I never played newest editions of D&D so when i have the option to roll on a stat i'd like to know that Medicine is wisdom, History is Intelligence and Intimidation isnt strenght but Charisma; show it when i have to choose

4) But here it's a mixed blessing. Roll for stats. As it is now it's impossible to have a 18 unless you want to really go down in other stats that are useful; a low INT warrior is OK but having to reduce also CON and DEX to be able to max STR isnt something you want to do. On the other side i'm not really sure that, like in old BG, spending the first half an hour of a new game rerolling the stats to be able to play a warrior mage with 18 in STR DEX CON and INT is something i want to do. Probably i like it more as it is now.

5) Considering that you can move, hit and move again if you didnt use all movement before hitting, would be useful to know if where i'm going to go i'm in sight of an enemy. The best use i found, in the couple fight i did, of the rogue is go ou from an hidden place, shoot an arrow, go back, but sometimes going back wasnt enough to be in cover and maybe there was another safer place to go

6) and last for now; how could it be that my warrior can use mage scrolls? The only scrolls i should be able to use are resurrection ones. Same with lockpicks that can be used by everyone. Those things require a specific training or a priest would be able to make full use of a composite bow and a mege go around clad in full plate.