Instead of doing a separate topic for each error, I'm gonna post here all errors that I encounter during my game. I will also share my suggestions about gemplay.


1. Near Astarion, there is a descent to a lower rock ledge with a small cave and a stone that can be moved. I ordered my character and Shadowheart to jump there. Shadowheart moved the stone and then I ordered both characters to jump back up. Then I saved the game, I saved it later few times in different places on the map, but every time I load it, no matter where the team was when saving the game, Shadowheart was always on the lower ledge. I had to load back to the Nautiloid to get rid of this bug.

2. In the same game where I had the Shadowheart bug, I ran into another bug, this time in a fight at the gate to the druid camp/village. None of the characters, except my characters, took any actions. The bug, similar to the one above, disappeared after loading the game on Nautiloid.

3. During the dialogues, the character (NPCs) animations oftenly switch without transitions, which gives the impression that they are clipping. Also the objects held in their hands oftenly don't interact, staying in the air or penetrating the arm. This was evident in dialogues with Nettie, especially when she was helding the prickly stem.

4. I encountered a bug where the fire turned into square sprites. Reloading solved the problem.


1. Dice rolling is a core of D&D, but the number of dice rolls is overwhelming. Five throws in one conversation/action to get one single result is overkill, even for TRPG session. It's frustrating when you fail on a 4th roll to fail ultimately, making your rolls mean nothing. More about that here.

2. The difficulty of some dice rolls is absurd. Astarion is a pale guy with red eyes and visible fangs and he doesn't sleep at night, but when you see him next to a dead drained boar and he plays a fool, you must roll 15 or more to guess he's a vampire.

3. Lack of reactivity of your companions during dialogues with NPCs or other situations. I have a mage with high arcana on my team, but he stands behind me like a stake while I have option to roll for arcana. Why won't you let him roll instead of my character? A different situation - after failed roll my character leans in to mind flayer to let it suck his brain out, and my companions ignore it.

4. The linearity of dialogues straight from Fallout 4. Astarion is clearly behaving suspiciously, but I have no option to prevent him from attacking me. I can't draw my weapon (while there is an option when meeting Gale) and Shadowheart with Gale disappear for no reason. Forcing players like that is an opposite of TRPG.

5. The character creator is too ascetic regarding appeareance (I know it's still early access) and most of male faces are too sturdy in my opinion. Half-elven males are more elven than male Elves actually. Let us have more "beautiful" males for some races (human, elves, half-elves etc.). Here is a topic with good suggestions.

6. Enemies are much more powerful than their counterparts in the rulebook, making every fight a fight for life and forcing us to abuse long rest after each fight. It feels like DM is trying to destroy you at every opportunity. Here is a detailed topic about this problem.

7. The dialogue options and their frequency in the camp are low. Even in Dragon Age Origins, there were many more at the beginning of the game. I hope for well written relationships rich in dialogues and other activities.

8. Lack of background for our original characters. Dialogue options regarding our character's past would be a huge step forward. Here is an interesting topic about that matter.

9. Banters between companions are too short. It was well done in Dragon Age: Inquisition, where characters exchanged several sentences in interesting and funny way.

10. Perception roll is not helpful at all. It's important that my characters detected something, but I'd like to know what exactly and where. In BGII I knew it's a trap or hidden door in front of me, in BGIII I have to find it myself making perception roll useless.

11. Limited camera angle does not allow you to enjoy the graphics.

To be continued...

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