Version: v4.1.83.6620

System: Windows 10 PC

Platform: GOG

Issue: Only half of the enchantment on Vision of the Absolute works

Description: Vision of the absolute is a spear you can get by combining Edowin's spear haft with the spearhead you get from the owlbear's eye. It can blind enemies, and it's supposed to deal an extra 2d6 piercing damage to enemies with multiple sets of eyes. However, when attempting to use it on Phase Spiders, it appears that it does not deal that extra 2d6 of piercing damage, even when the blinding effect fires.

How to replicate:
1) Get vision of the absolute (combine spear haft and spearhead)
2) Use it to attack spiders
3) check the combat log, as I'm seeing it right now, it does not deal that extra 2d6 piercing.

I've included a screenshot:


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