After my first playthrough, and a fair bit into my second one, I find myself missing a lot of the defensive and tactical options reactions offer to the DnD 5e experience. Sure, AoO's are there, and Riposte, and for those the toggle system works decently enough (albeit a lot less effective than micromanaging both options would be.) I realized a lot of the options that are missing (or changed, I think defensive duelist falls under this?) is because a lot of the reactions are just that REACTIONS, and as such they don't really work very well under a simple toggle system.

So far, things I'd have loved to see but can't see working well in the current way include:

-the Shield spell.
-Parry (BM manouver)
-the Sentinel Feat (Wich I feel is sorely needed for some party compositions, looking at you, minotaur fight.)
-(tied into the above maybe) The Pole-arm mastery feat.
-Featherfall (Yeah, I know it's in the game, and the verticality is nice... but really... who plans to fall?)
-Uncanny dodge

The biggest issue for most of these in the current system is that a single character could have three or more of these available to them, and quite possibly have several "trigger" at the same time. Tabletop DnD forces you to pay attention to HOW you want to use your one reaction in that turn. Do you want to punish the orc for missing his hit with a Riposte? Or do you want to keep his hunting dog from chasing down the wizard by threatening to hurt it? As a wizard, do you block the incoming arrow this turn, or do you save your reaction for the elf ranger that's being forced dangerously close to the edge of the bridge?

I can understand wanting to streamline a system like this, and I can see a more simplified version being necessary, but...I don't think putting everything on toggles or making them a full action spell is really the answer. Isn't it possible to put seperate triggers on these spells/abilities/feats that pause the animation until you've made a decison? Or at least something slightly more rewarding than toggle functions?

It would make me feel a lot happier with this admittedly already awesome feeling game.