I know my box is not a top class one and i'm waiting NVIDIA and ATI to make their new cards available to build a new one.

I have Core I5 2500K at 3.3 GHz, 20 Gb of ddr3 at 1600 MHz and an AMD R9 390 video card, near the lower limit to play the game. OS win 10 pro 64

Playing at 1080 resolution with every graphic setting at minimum value i have no framerate issue but sometimes everything freezes for a second or three to start going fluid thereafter. It happens without a specific trigger; sometimes when fighting, sometimes when moving and sometimes during dialogs; beig BG3 a turn based game this is not gamebreaking, just a little annoyance, but i'd like to fix it.

Some times, not always, when it happens, i see windows hotbar and for a fraction of a second windows blu circle showing that it's loading, but having a good quantity of RAM and textures at worst value i-e- minimal size, it shouldnt happen and anyway not during dialogs or during fights when all terrain textures have already been loaded

Any suggestion apart a new PC with a Core I9, ddr4 and a 3080 card?