When a character finds items that he/she may not be able to use, it is very clumsy to find out if they are useful for other members of the party. The "Equip" option only seems to apply to the active character, not the one in whose inventory the item resides. It would be much nicer if the Equip applied to the character who currently has the item. Example:
A character searches a body/chest/location and adds a new item to his/her inventory but sees the warning that he/she has no proficiency for that item.
On the inventory screen the weapon is traded to another member of the party. If you select "Equip", the character who originally had the item is the one who equips it, not the new owner.
Under the current program, to find out if the new weapon is usable, you have to go out of the Inventory screen and select the member who now owns the weapon.

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