I posted this at the Hints forum in response to someone's question about alchemy, and it was suggested I post it here as well in case it was an unintended bug in the V. 1.42 patch.

"...Which brings me to a rant about permanent potions. I blew 4 precious skillpoints points on alchemy just so I could create permanent potions whenever I was able to find the correct herbs for it. All you need is the Holy Water. Perfect. I was able to create lots of permanent potions... and yes, I saw that instead of giving only 1-5 permanent points, there was a bug that allowed each potion to give up to 20 permanent points. I figured that would be fixed in 1.42 since the ReadMe said it was fixing permanent potion bug.

To my horror, the patch fixed it, all right. There is only one Holy Water in the game. Now that Holy Water will allow you to make only one permanent potion, which in turn gives you one permanent point, then it disappears. WTF? For that I'm supposed to use up 4 skillpoints? I don't think so.

Alchemy has just hit my list of useless skills, right next to lockpicking. Bah."

Unless I learn this is a bug that will be fixed, I plan to unlearn all of my Alchemy skills in my current game and put them somewhere useful. To have Holy Water allow the creation of only one single Permanent Potion in the entire game then disappear makes the skill totally useless, in my view because I have well over 100 each potions of mana, health, stamina etc. with what I've found in the game. No need to make more, for crying out loud. The only reason to take the skill was the ability to make permanent potions.

Okay, now y'all can yell at me for being a powergamer! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/biggrin.gif" alt="" />