Firstly, please add an In-game feedback/reporting tool. Some kind of in-game tool to report bugs and provide feedback would be nice. That way it's easier to report "on the fly" while you're playing and notice stuff you'd want to report or comment on.

Below i've added a list of the notes i've taken so far.

*Alt key does not highligt all interactable items and objects. I do not find it fun to sweep my mouse cursor across the screen all the time looking to things I can click on. This isn't an old LucasArt point-and-click adventure game. (Obiously objects that you can't see or havent been discovered should not be highlighted).

*When characters does a successful perception roll and detects hidden objects you most of the time have no idea what was just discovered. Alt key does not highligt it either (see above).

*In the character creator, show us what features and abilities you will get at higher levels. Impossible to plan head as it is right know unless you're intimately familiar with the DnD rules.

*When at camp, you should be able to open inventory and character sheet even for companions that isn't currently in your group. Kind of tedious to have to dismiss and invite companions just to equip gear or level up.

*Let me rotate my characters in the invetory screen. I want to look at my new fancy armor!

*No tooltip when you get a quest reward. Has to go in to invetory to search for them.

*Abilities disappear from hotbar when clicked on every now and then

*It's very finicky to rearrange character portraits and split and regroup characters. Needs to be improved. For example a button to chain all and unchain all would be welcomed.

*The pathing is terrible and need to me improved.

*Regarding dice rolls. Show me the actual dice roll. ie the number the dice actually stops on. And then add modifiers on top of that, add some graphics that show the modifier being added after the dice has stopped and then show a summary. Or at least add this as a toggle option in the settings menu.