I am honestly not sure how Larian is going to manage all that feedback in the forum form. There are so many posts like that, which are often referencing the same issues, that it will become very hard for Larian to sift through all the duplicates.

Nevertheless, here I am to share my thoughts on the BG3 EA so far.
Full discalmer: I am looking at this game as it was advertised - a D&D 5e game first and foremost - not DOS game, neither D&D 2e BG game.
So when I play BG3, I want to be able to reproduce the feel of the classes, the feel of the characters - hit-and-run swashbuckling rogue, "melee-sticky" tank fighter with Sentinel, silver-tongued bard with experised Persuasion etc.
It is not clear for me which of these are actual bugs, which are unwanted ruleset implementation mistakes, and which are ruleset implementation decisions to implement the ruleset differently from tabletop due to CCRPG constrains.

I will update this list as I keep playing.

0) TO LARIAN: perhaps create more clear and organized feedback channels. Right now there is bug report from, but my understanding is that it is to report actual bugs. For all the gameplay suggestions there is this forum, but it seems a messy way to do it - too many duplicates.
1) TO LARIAN: create in-game rule compedium - effectively, BG3-version of PHB. TOEE game from 2003 had a compedium like that for their version of D&D 3.5.
That will make it easier for people to understand what is Larian design intent and distingiush between ruleset implementation mistakes and ruleset implementation choices, thus making feeback more focused.
In addition, that will be a great help for character creation and planning. If I create fighter with low INT with an intent to have INT-independent Eldrtich Knight, I should be warned in advance that Shield and Absorb Elements are not in the game.
2) It is unclear what Meow action of the cat familiar does. In combat it does nothing.
3) It is unclear what Minor Illusion does. In combat it does nothing. On tabletop second most common use of Minor Illlusion after "distraction" in combat is "create an obstacle to hide behind in combat".
4) Ranger’s option Urban Tracker seems to add Sleight of Hand proficiency, which is missing from the description.
5) Rogue seems to lack Expertise.
6)Rogue needs Cunning Action taken back from everyone or given something else in exchange. Rogue is outshined by Ranger (Urban Tracker/Bounty Hunter). Right now everyone can be hit-and-run stricker, thus removing uniquesness of Rogue, and also punishing defender tactics. In first 16 hours of the game I never used Opportunity attacks because everyone has free Disengage.
7) In the druid grove I got attacked by the whole grove for failing a Persuasion check with a squirrel.
8) Familiar and Mage Hand are not able to be sustained at the same time. Why? Mage hand is Concentration (also, it shouldn’t be), but Find Familiar is not. If it is a design intent, it shoudl be clearly reported before the spell selection choices on character creation and level ups.
9) On finishing blows bodies sometimes fly away into the sky.
10) Arcane Trickster is supposed to get Mage Hand in addition to the other two cantrips, but now it doesn’t . Even if it is not given as an addition, it should be at least a default option selected for level 3 Arcane Trickster Rogue for the sake of new players.
11) Also, Arcane Trickster tooltip doesn’t mention that INT is spellcasting ability, luring new players into a trap of choosing low-INT rogue for a path with bad spell DCs and spell attack bonuses.
12) Off-hand attacks: a) don’t apply STR/DEX bonus to the attack roll (they should); b) do apply STR/DEX bonus to damage (they shouldn’t); c) don’t apply sneak attack if main hand attack was a miss (they should); d) can be taken regardless of main action taken (should be only after the Attack action)
13) Sometimes Turn-based mode cannot be switched on and a message “there is interesting conversation nearby” appears. There is nobody on the map except for a party.
14) Bless spell doesn’t allow to choose creatures blessed, only main target.
15) It is unclear what are “extra actions” allowed for Mage Hand of Arcane Trickster. It is supposed to unlock locks, disarm traps and pick pockets. It is not doing any of that.
16) Comparing with D&D 5e Mage Hand is not a utility spell (cannot open containers, spring traps, push buttons) but a combat spell (can push people). I would rather it be utility spell. Also, for some reason it is a creature - it can be attacked instead of dispelled, it is even entitled to its own Perception checks (allowing to spam it to pass most Perception checks).
17) Imp familiars have hands, but for some reason cannot open doors or containers.
18) Given that inventory UI is not very handy, it could be a good idea for traders to apply the buying and selling prices for the most charismatic member in the party automatically, removing the need to transfer everything to sell to one party member.
19) In the trading interface there should be a button “sell all wares”.
20 Disguse self is almost useless right now. It only alows access slightly different dialogue options for different PC races, but it lacks narrative power it should have. I understand that in CCRPG illusion spells will have some limits, but why cannot I turn into goblin to enter the goblin camp? Why cannot I turn into Kangha and tell druids to stop the ritual?
21) Familiars are missing their skill proficiencies. Many are supposed to be proficient in Stealth and/or Perception.
22) Quest window cannot be scrolled by mouse wheel
23) Why is Spear two-handed only weapon? Should be versatile d6/d8.

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