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#690890 12/10/20 01:53 PM
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Joined: Oct 2020
So as I've been playing, for the most part, I've kept a text document up of either problems with the game or suggestions.
I am really enjoying the game so far. As it is early access though, I feel compelled to point out whatever I can.
For the most part I have not looked for remedies for any of this, so some issues may not actually be issue and I am looking over a basic control. If so maybe the issue is, is that I am overlooking it.
With that in mind, I'm gonna dump everything I have for 20 hours into the game, up to the goblin village.

Title uses the alpha numeric 3 instead of roman numerals on Steam. Don't know if this is on purpose.
More customization in regards to body type and or faces.
Tutorial information in a menu.
Ability to see breakdown of behind the scenes rolls in log form.
Tiefling singer at camp. When she preforms you can see shes a dress with floating hands and no arms.
Stacked a box on a boulder. Couldn't jump to it. Jumped to the side and fell prone. Box and boulder switched places with the screen bounce.
Battle master tooltip for shove attack (melee) sometimes doesn't specify it takes a superiority die.
Knocked out the owlbear. Game still regarded it as dead. (owlbear was on fire)
Non lethal damage seems to overall deal less damage.
Don't see a way to deal non lethal sneak damage with a rogue.
Opportunity attacks don't seem to trigger for player controlled characters sometimes.
When a reaction based off class abilities is triggers, have the option to choose whether to use a reaction in this instance.
Have an option to move without triggering opportunity attacks, for pivoting safely around enemies. Pathfinding sometimes forces you to move and trigger them when trying to pivot around.
Old potion selling tiefling in camp animation issues.
Include a menu where you may see some in game rules for the modified dnd 5e rule set.
Include highlighted areas where rules differ from base dnd 5e. Example "Shoving is now a bonus action. It can no longer cause the prone condition."
No ability to go prone by choice. Or stay prone when moving. I haven't had a chance to test it, but in base dnd 5e prone causes attacks from further than 5ft to be disadvantage. This can be useful.
Companions won't auto follow through jumping areas. I don't know if this is intentional as jumping is dictated by strength, and some people may not be allowed to follow. If not intentional, have a button that can gather the party around the person "summoning" them.
Haven't seen a real benefit of non lethal damage. NPCs act the same way regardless so far. 2 examples. Knocked out one of the fishing people the Mind flayer had under control after the crash. After a long rest or two I came back. She got up, was hostile, but ran away really fast. Second, the two Tieflings who wanted to kill the Goblin in the cage. Knocked them both out. Came back after a rest. They were still hostile and immediately wen through the conversation same as before, only this time the conversation ran while combat was initiated. The female Tiefling shot the Goblin during the middle of my turn in combat.
Throwing two objects at the same time into the same area, causes them to clip into each other and become one object. If you repeatedly throw the Frankenstein object, sometimes one will fall loose.
Stacked two boulders in the cave connecting druid areas. The tooltip says you cannot jump onto the boulder, but the game allows it.
Some kind of setting that clearly outlines hazards in terrain that are supposed to be visible. Something to distinguish regular bush form thorn bush. Maybe a warning that you can turn off in the options that will tell you if you are about to walk into a hazard.
Goblin companion cannot jump or hide. I had to shove her over a cliff to get her to move.
Apothecary shop in the blighted village. Trying to interact with anything on the bookshelf has you running outside the shop, climbing the building, and interacting with it through the roof.
Serious graphical issues in the apothecary cellar, past the secret door. Everything is popping in and out.
Falling prone on your turn seems to lock your turn.
The game doesn't register you've read a journal 100% of the time unless you put it in your inventory and read it from there.
Picking up the book in the cellar of the blighted village. That last companion to talk, covered the dialogue choices giving the appearance of a soft lock.
Taking a lit torch through a loading screen causes the lit torch to go to your back, and continue the holding animation.
Attacking the support beam in the Blight village "ogre shop" only seemed to start combat. Debris falls. Some ogres fall over and then get up. No damage to anyone. (I later see this is the first thing ogres attack if you are standing on the second floor.
In the Ogre area I keep seeing multiple "Powerful Tome" markers. (correction) It's moving along with me as I move and one is in the Ogre area and everywhere else. I assume this is the necromancy tome I picked up and couldn't open.
If a companion goes down outside of combat, raising them with the help action doesn't seem to work with the game most of the time. Activating turn based mode will just have them sit there until they save or fail.
Can't pause during conversations or cutscenes in single player. (I assume because multiplayer is enabled?)
Using 2 ROG swift monitors. Playing the game in full screen. Print screen button doesn't seem to work proper timing with game. It will take an image from a different point in time. Image has a black bar at the bottom (possibly resolution differnece and full screen enabled?)
Character creation, have separate eye colors as an option. Artificial options?
Have tattoos be an options with no singular place. Have and X/Y slider to move the tattoo where you want. Size slider to adjust.
Scars. Just have this rolled into tattoos possibly.
Ability to grapple. Haven't seen it yet.
Audio popping on character creation screen.
In the caves, phase spider's vision cone bleeds up through the ceiling and the floor of the layer above it. Last area with the matriarch.
Can't find in the character sheet the level 2 bonuses. IE Fighter gains the martial fighting styles. Two weapon, great weapon, defense, shield.
Option to lie without disapproval from allies. Side A is good guys. Side B is bad guys. Allies know we are pretending to be bad guys. Say stuff bad guys like to hear, like time to kill all the good guys. All allies disapprove.
Can't seem to look at individual skill scores.
Sneak attack is tied to an action. No way to offhand sneak attack.
A lit torch does more damage than one handed weapons. For balance I would suggest reducing the physical damage to 1 or the fire damage. Strength still full modifier..
Enemy AI while hiding or out of sight just has them freeze in place most of the time. Waiting...
The head tiefling at the grove likes to blow up oil barrels when 3 allies and 1 enemy is near them.
Some way to look at status effects in detail. Infested or those goblin sappers or enemy spell effects. I assume the sort of question mark symbol is a placeholder. Bloodstone comes to mind.
Haven't seen detect magic or any other ritual spell.
Concentration on spells or effects breaking after an attack misses.
Have the ability to see current bonus to skill checks in chat choices. [Intimidation +3] Growl [Persuasion +5] ask nicely. Doesn't have to show the DC.
If people are around and a closed book is marked red to show they will hate you if you look at it, that's understandable. If it's an open note, or unfurled scroll, little less believable.
Don't know if it's intended, but switching inventory around mid battle to give alchemist fire from the pack mule character to the person whose turn it currently is.
Inventory and spell management at camp being for all characters and not just party characters.
Maybe streamline a way for adding and removing characters in camp. Have everyone's profile picture at the bottom, but non part members are separated.
Some classes gain more from short rest, despite using any hit die. Instead of limiting short rests to 1 a day, have them use a preset pool based on average hit die. If you hit the max on healing, you no longer gain from using a short rest, but you don't gait the benefit unless you use a hit die. Example Warlock is level 3. Has 20 hp. Currently at 17 health. +1 con, so average hit die healing is 6 hp. Use a short rest, heals 6 putting them at 20/20 and regains spell slots. Warlock goes down to 13/20. Short rest. 2 hit die averages are needed now to max out hp (20/20), so the warlock regains spell slots and his max HP again, but no longer benefits from short rests and needs to take a long rest to recover. Do this with every class that has short rest recoveries. (fighters, bards, warlocks, whatever)
Short bow and Long bow have the same range.
Post start of the game hair customization. Like a barber somewhere.
Passive insight checks during conversation to understand which choices will lead to approval or disapproval from allies.
Bugbear and Ogre aggro if you get on certain parts of the roof of the barn.
Don't know how I feel about food, in and out of combat. Granted they could all just be potions and I guess I wouldn't care.

That's my list of stuff so far. Feel free to point out me being dumb about certain things that are non issues.

Joined: Oct 2020
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Joined: Oct 2020
Gonna bump this once just for exposure.

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