To add to other lists, here is my feedback. Might be duplicate, but maybe not

  • Camera is sometimes stuck in walls or elevated areas
  • Sometimes after a battle it's just paused for a while
  • Bodies some times lie on top of your dead companions, shove works, but still a bit weird/annoying
  • Bullete attacks are very bugged and constantly slow or paused
  • Lack of icons for certain items is very confusing at times
  • Several crashes around the ruined tower in the underdark
  • Several crashes during the ebonlake boat fight (probably the shoving)
  • By now quite a known bug, but the Hag fight is not triggering properly
  • If your zoom level is off in the map view, things get a bit weird

Had a blast playing so far, might start up a new character and come back with hopefully no more issues wink