My Feedback Wishlist&More:
- When characters grab something the fingers or other collision errors in the graphics disappear

- Baldur's Gate 3 should also be optimized for weaker PCs if possible

- a perfect RPG for me is telling one or more stories and building a bond with the characters which brings you nice mega graphics and effects if the world with its characters and the corresponding story doesn't touch the player emotionally

- a kind of Pen&Paper mode + Current rules and regulations of D&D

- Publish side stories (DLCs)

My wish from the developers is that Baldurs Gate 3 will be a game with a lot of heart and soul, where the opinions and criticism of the players are always important and try to fix as many bugs as possible.

Dear Larian Studios provides your games with patches so they can be enjoyed on every platform in the future smile

Greetings from Germany

PS. I only speak German

Translated with DeepL