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First off I'd like to say I've thoroughly enjoyed my time playing EA, there are way too many crybabies who don't understand the nature of EA, yes there are bugs, bad performance issues, and even problems with the current game design. What else did you expect? The reason I'm not bothered is because Divinity Original Sin 2 is one of my favorite and most played games ever. I know Larian can perform. With that being said, here is my list of things that should be changed:

-The Great Weapon Master feat can currently be used to add up to +30 damage per hit. It currently adds the normal +10 damage, a +10 for Colussus Slayer, and a +10 for additional weapon damage (the D6 Lightning Damage on the Unique Halberd found in the Underdark)

-Sword of Tyr lets you infinitely cast Shield of Faith, which lasts even after you unequip it....This sword lets everyone in your party have Shield of Faith up all the time. Also it's not 1 per battle, its just as many times as you wish.

-The rogue triple attack..Nerfs to this does need to be balanced alongside the rogue's ability to sneak attack with Strength-based weapons such as greatswords. STR Rogue OP.

-DEX/STR Mod to offhand attacks without Fighting Style / Feat

-Spears & Quarterstaffs are both one-handed weapons in 5E. They shouldn't be locked to two-handed while also keeping the measly d6 damage die and standard range. There is currently never a reason to use these weapons.

-Headband of Intellect should not be so easily acquirable. One can easily make a wizard, dump-stat INT, grab some explosive barrels, and beeline kill the ogres as the third fight of the game. Keep in mind 18 in a primary stat can last you LVL 1-20. You straight up don't want this in act 1.

-Improve sneak attack to show whether or not you'll get the extra damage (friend recommended this)

-prevent the abuse of magic items shown with the sword of try and necklace of speak dead, where you can just let other party members use it after yourself to reactivate its magic. If it says once per long rest/battle, it should be ONCE per long rest/battle. Not 4 times.

-Overall I suggest completely redoing your take on magic items. As an experienced DnD 5e player who has played under several GMs, first off you have WAY too many. It feels like you are using the Divinity system of rarity, which I don't approve of in a 5e based game. Green magic items shouldn't be littered everywhere, and each one should be truly useful. There are too many random garbage magic items so far, such as:
Watcher's Spear
Axe that does extra 1d6 to plants and small animals (found in the UNDERDARK to make matters worse)
+0 shortsword that does an extra 1d8 on enemies with full hp (might not be bad, but +0 and found in UNDERDARK)
Axe that does an extra 1d6 when you're under 25% hp
Spear that does pychic damage to user per hit (yeah ensnaring strike is kind of cool, but its a two-handed weapon without the appropriate damage die, and opportunity attacks already exist to encourage not running from the melee char, overall not useful)
Robe that gives resistance to cold damage (were that if it was ever used then it might be useful, still pretty meh imo)

There are some good one such as:
hood that gives invis once per long rest
ring that gives light cantrip
gloves of power
sword of tyr (needs a nerf)
quarterstaff that improves bless (also needs a nerf, but cool in theory)
gloves that give resistance to damage to people you heal
necklace that lets you use talk with dead
boots that let you use dash as a bonus action
+- axe that inflicts burning (found early on, can be useful on shadowheart)

etc etc, clearly you great people at larian know how to make some good magic items, and I feel you just threw in a lot of bad ones because maybe you felt there has to be a ton. There shouldn't. Focus on quality over quantity when it comes to magic items, and severely limit the amount present in Act 1. It's only levels 1-4.

-Put more stat points into shadowheats dex.....Just do it, please....

-Prevent wizards from being able to learn cleric spells. Cleric is seriously useless right now, and a majority of the reason is wizards can learn all of their spells

-lower the amount of food in the game, there is already a decent chunk of healing potions in the game, but I've made it all the way through early access with only 4 long rests and a handful of potions. (No healing spells used, besides Aid at the start of each day) There is WAY too much food

-This is another big topic: SPACE OUT THE LEVELS MORE. It is very easy to get to level 3 within 40 mins. When you consider that MAYBE the final level will be around 11-12, this is already a 4th of the levelling system in the first hour of a very long game. Maybe just lower XP in the first few areas, because I very easily could've gotten to level 5 if there was no level cap after exploring everything. In 5e different subclasses and classes are differently powerful throughout leveling up. If you keep the subclasses/classes true to 5e, skipping to level 3 and putting that ASI right in front of you is just way too quick.

I didn't go too in depth with this post, so to reiterate, I feel that the two biggest areas that should be focused on is magic items and leveling, with a focus on the magic items.

Cheers, and thanks for all the hard work you've put into the game so far, I'm enjoying it. The underdark was very cool (although perhaps not dark enough)

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Joined: Oct 2020
As to the Watcher's Guide is concerned I have equipped it on my Warlock and the bonus is applied to magic attacks that missed the previous turn. This does not seem to be limited to attacks using the spear.

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