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Joined: Oct 2020
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Joined: Oct 2020
Currently I have 60 hours on steam played time and I'm about to start my second run. I believe I have discovered every nook and cranny but if my quest log is missing something, please let me know.
I believe the only quests I have not completed are quests that require further progression than Act 1.

I have also posted this to reddit


- Removing the Parasite
--- Find the Githyanki Creche
--- Reach Moonrise Towers
- Protect the Myconid Circle ( complete )
- Rescue the Grand Duke
- Save the refugees ( Complete )
- Avenge the Sovereign ( Complete )
- Find the Nightsong
- Find the missing boots
- Find the missing shipment ( Complete )
- Find the mushroom picker ( Complete )
- Free the artist
- Hunt the devil ( Complete )
- Rescue the Gnome ( Complete )
- Save Myrina ( Complete )
- Steal the Sacred Idol ( Complete )
- Explore the ruins ( Complete )
- Finish the Masterwork weapon ( Complete )
- Rescue Volo ( Complete )
- Free Lae'zel ( Complete )
- Investigate the beach ( Complete )
- Save Arabella ( Complete )

--------------Major Bugs--------------

Sneak Attack
- Sneak attack isn't meant to be an action, but more of a triggering affect should the requirements be met. Should be a toggle. In D&D if I miss my main hand attack I can still inflict a sneak attack with my offhand.
--- doesn't work half the time. image
--- See combat log portion of image. Used sneak attack, had advantage, only did 8 piercing + 2 poison. No bonus sneak atk dmg.
--- I've tested this in a multitude of ways. It seems flanking (backstab) and additional adjacent enemies don't meet the requirements to trigger sneak attack eligibility. It only works consistently when you are hiding.
- Sneak attack damage doesn't apply when a teammate is adjacent to my target
- Sneak attack seems to specifically require no vision/hiding? Need more testing but all in all seems like it needs a lot of work.

Dual Hand Crossbows
- When wielding both crossbows, if you switch from ranged to melee, game hard crashes (no bug report option)
--- Have only tested while dual wielding melee weapons

Opportunity Attack / All in toggle effects
- Doesn't seem to allow me to disable or toggle off these features while in combat. Same with Repost (Battle Master Fighter Feature)
--- seems to be functioning properly as of 10/13/2020

Greater Weapon Mastery
- This feat is supposed to allow for the attacker to attack another target if they kill something, currently I have not seen any option to do this. (I could be overlooking something but I don't see it)

Light Cantrip
- Does not consistently remove obscured by shadows from targets adjacent to creatures that had the cantrip cast on them. Image

Tattered Roots of Infinite Falling
- The tattered Roots that lead to the petrified Drow (right after the backpack on the Ruptured Stone) are impossible to climb. Every member of my party will fall through the ground upon reaching the top of the climb and then die. Video
--- Current workaround is to jump up the ledge
- Tried loading a few times, same outcome every time.

Combat Bug
- Weird scenario where Lae'zel went for a Menacing Attack against Dror Ragzlin but instead she incurred an Opportunity Attack, didn't even attack, and her Action was consumed. image
--- I should note the pathing was a direct line (not running around the target) so there was no real scenario that would incur an OA and she didn't even swing so there was no option for a miss. Image shows there was no attempt at an attack. Only says she used the ability.

In Case of Death...
- Gale's death was triggered by my custom character failing to win the roll against Astarion whiling allowing him to have some blood and being, presumably, sucked dry. My custom character survived but Gale was dead and necrosis was all over. I did not see any magical projection as the quest text states there was.

--------------[/b]Minor Bugs[/b]--------------

Conversation with Karlach
- I'm mostly assuming this is unfinished but after conversing with Karlach and she says she's going to leave, the conversation ends and the quest objective doesn't update. She also continues to sit there and do nothing. image

Redcap Sickle
- Specifically the sickles dropped by the red caps are 2d4 when they should be 1d4. Even Boooal drops/gives a 1d4 sickle.

Failed Pickpocket Conversation
- Any time I fail a pickpocket and the offended individual speaks to me, a bold red notice says "there's an interesting conversation nearby" but I'm fairly certain it's the conversation between me and the person who caught me pick pocketing. First noticed at the druid grove from the halfling trader at the cart just up the hill from the entrance and second time was at the Myconid Colony Trader at the mushroom garden.

Kou-Toa conversation
- I'm assuming this is more unfinished than it is a bug but if you choose to kill Boooal after succeeding the investigation and persuasion/performance checks, then speak to the zealot to convince them to worhsip you, you cannot select any of the dialogue options and get permanently stuck in that conversation forcing you to load to a previous save.
- I've tried loading a quicksave 3 times and each time it's the same outcome.

Platinum Coin
- Worth 1 gold? Same as the 2 bronze I found, the pile of copper, and the electrum all also worth 1 gold.

- Seemed to do damage twice, one shot all my companions. 30-45 dmg per turn. Deadly leap 1 shot anyone it hit.
- Could be high rolls, could be intended. Just worth noting, was the toughest fight so far by a long shot. Had to beat it by strategically placing all units then burning strength and sharp oils so it's doable. Just doesn't seem doable if you're not expecting the encounter.

Dead Minotaur T-Pose
- When you return to the area with the Minotaurs after defeating them, their dead bodies will be standing in T-Pose

Ruined Tower Button
- The window button in the ruined arcane tower in the living quarters makes you run to the lower floor directly under it in order to interact with it.

Traders' Stock
- Just like in DOS2, when players level up, traders restock their wares. However some traders have unique items like the Circlet of Blasting.You can buy an additional Circlet after you levelup. I now have 2; one for Gale and one for Wyll.

Gale's Conversation in camp
- The second time his need to consume artifacts comes up, it's an exact repeat of the first time he requests an artifact. Even down to the listing of good deeds followed by bringing him back "according to protocol". I feel I've missed the second stage of this conversation because of a bug.

- Glut the Myconid sovereign does not have a stealth animation and his character just freezes and glides around
- None of his abilities have images (probably just because it's unfinished)

Crumpled Missive
- The note dropped by the Drow Captain who are among the petrified Drow under the Spectator encounter (The Beholder) drops a missive that repeats a line 4 times. The context doesn't make sense for it to be a phrase intentionally repeated and 4 of the lines are in bold. Seems like a mistake. image

Halsin's Prisoner?
- When Halsin joins your camp, he stands near a small prison made of wood/tusks and says "You imperiled the grove. I'm surprised you dare show your face" but nobody is in the enclosure.
--- This repeats infinitely, well beyond the celebration. image

Highcliff's Blueprints
- I chose to craft a masterwork dagger. Masterwork is listed as "rare" but has the exact same properties as an uncommon +1 dagger. Seems odd. Also, the only options being two light weapons and a great weapon seems odd. I would suggest the outcome being at least +2 and also granting the recipe to a longsword inplace of a sickle. The sickle is like a downgraded dagger (no finesse property for sneak attacks).


21:9 - 32:9 ultrawide / super ultrawide support
- Currently feels like it zooms in to fill the sides which means top/bottom cut off. HUD is placed correctly but map is cut off.

Changing equipment mid-combat
- Should cost a bonus action to swap items in and out of equipment slots.

Glut Unique Ability
- unique Raise dead cantrip ability does not work
--- I suggest recategorizing from cantrip to feature. Often times in D&D when a creature has an ability that allows it to use spells as abilities w/o the use of a spell slot, it is called a class/race/unique feature.

Sneak Attack
- The math behind sneak attack suggests that every d6 will have the same roll which is lame. If my sneak attack damage roll is 1, then every die associated with sneak attack is also 1. I don't enjoy this mechanic. I'd prefer if every d6 was rolled independently, personally.

Weapon Swapping
- Switching weapons from your inventory should require a bonus action to first sheath your current weapon then draw a new weapon. In DOS2 it used action points to swap, in D&D it's the very same.
--- If I attack and kill a target and cannot reach another, I can just draw my hand crossbow and bonus action attack a second target same turn.

Enchanter Vendors
- Vendors who can enchant items. Would be costly and maybe take a few days to complete, but being able to put an order in for a +1 weapon (like a rapier that is not available yet in chapter 1). Or maybe even a vendor who could remove an enchantment from one weapon and put it in another.

Comprehensive Currency
- Currency that extends beyond JUST gold would be nice. The inclusion of copper, silver, and platinum with some conversion (maybe even auto conversion) would be more akin to D&D.
- Could implement a more punishing weight system with carrying large sacks of gold. Currently 16052 gold weighs 0 lbs. This would encourage converting gold to platinum for the purposes of weight.

Perception Check Discoveries
- I had this issue a few times with DOS 2 as well. Sometimes my characters will discover something and I won't be able to find it and I have to spend the next few minutes trying to find out if it was a button/trap/hidden doorway/secret stash etc. It would be REALLY nice if there was a more obvious hint or something that would show me what my character discovered.
- A ping like in DOS 2 would be a quick and easy fix, kind of like what my friends and I used in DOS 2 multiplayer.

- Being able to ping the map / board to bring attention to locations for friends was very important for communication during multiplayer.

Rogue Expertise
- Rogues don't seem to gain their 2 expertise at lv 1? Didn't see any options to pick it. Was this feature removed for the game? Expertise doubles the proficiency bonuses i.e. stealth +4 dex modifier, +4 proficiency (+2*2)

Backstab/Flanking redesign
- Standing behind the target grants backstab which is like advantage but with none of the other perks like allowing for sneak attack. This is not a good replacement for rogue players.
- I don't particularly enjoy this redesign since it seems to be a replacement for flanking. Although you get the bonus to advantage, rogues don't get the sneak attack requirement of the advantage. It is originally designed to require more players in harm's way (front line) and to coordinate. Traditional flanking design grants both players advantage on a target they are on opposing sides of. I'm pretty sure this was a thing in DOS 2 so it shouldn't be difficult to reimplement.

Disengage + jump as a bonus action
- Disengage: The point behind making disengage an action is that you can't just freely use it every turn without a penalty otherwise there's no downside to using it every turn. You should have to choose between a defensive play allowing for better positioning (disengage w/o attacking) or an offensive play, moving into a more advantageous position at the risk of taking a hit on your way there.
- Jump: Currently jump acts as a disengage and moves further than your normal movement would allow. Not only does jump get you additional movement even with a +0 STR modifier but it also avoids all Opportunity Attacks (OA). Your total jump distance should be deducted from your total move, instead you are granted bonus distance based on your strength/athletics modifier. Unless you are planning to chug a potion or use an offhand attack, there's no downside to jumping every single turn because you get more distance than walking and avoid OA's. Seems imbalanced and should be changed. No bonus distance, no disengage bonus, and should still incur an OA against you.

Short Rest
- The general design in 5e is that you can rest up to 2 times per day. Being limited to one makes warlock less enticing as they only get their spells back once per day and they are severely limited in spell slots by design (i.e. Wyll only has 2 spell slots vs Shadowheart and Gale have 7 at lv 4). They rely on these rests for combat heavy environments which I assume this entire game will be. Maybe allow each character the option to pick how many health die they consume per short rest or automatically choose based on missing hp. Having a character who collects and holds food often outweighs the need to short rest for health since I have a character with literally mountains of stolen/found food that my party can heal off after combat is over.

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Joined: Oct 2020
Location: Toronto
well this sort of answered my question " can we get the nightsong in chapter 1"

guessing NO..

crusty 61 lifetime gamer. Have some understanding of the building of games, really admire the artistry.
Joined: Oct 2020
Joined: Oct 2020
Very nice list. Thanks for taking the time.

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