Some people have been dissing the RNG

In RL, I once got 3 20's on hit rolls in a row.
Chance of 3 20's in a row is 1 in 8000. Just missing has way higher chances.

Assuming 50/50 chances, missing 13 times in a row has a chance of 1 in 8,192.
Over 50k people have been playing this game at any one time, each making many sequential rolls.

The chances of missing 16 times in a row would then be 1 in 65,536.
1 in 8,000 isn't bad odds if you consider people play the lottery with way worse odds. Play long enough and you'll get those results.

Adding those up, we get a result of it not being unreasonable to hear of someone missing 29 times in a row, and of course their next miss after that is only 50/50.

The question you need to ask is 'are you feeling lucky?'