Astarion is my favorite character so far and I really love his story, but you need to do his scenes in a specific order or they don't make sense. I didn't mind it so much because I knew he was a vampire beforehand, but it's strange storywise. Using food and potions - although mostly food - I didn't actually have any need for a long rest. I think made more progress on the map than I was supposed to. As a result, I probably should be a lot further in the story by now.

The first hint for me was the party for helping the grove. After I made arrangements to meet Astarion privately later - although somehow everyone knew anyway - people made different comments about me choosing him even though he's dangerous. I don't remember if they said the word "vampire", but they certainly implied that.

Next, I went into the swamp to find the hag and met the vampire hunter. Asterion told me how he became a vampire and I promised to watch his back.

Only afterward the camp scene - where he tried to bite me in my sleep - happened. Now the scene doesn't make any sense. I already knew he was a vampire. He could've just asked me for help. In the morning everyone was surprised, even though they had comments about him at the party.

This is how my "The Pale Elf" quest looks (the reading order is from bottom to top). I find it hilarious:

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