I started my second playthrough with the latest Patch and it seems to have more issues now then before.
Gale has super high approval but no quest given nor anything to talk about apart from sending him to camp. Haven't even heard about him needing to absorb Magic stuff yet.
Celebration after Goblin Camp won't trigger
Wyll is pissed about killing the Goblin Torturer without him but he was in the Party when we talked to him.
Dialogue overlapping constantly or skipping parts
During combat can't end turn so end up having to restart combat
Lot's of graphical glitches, clipping and weird shapes
NPC's spawning in wrong places (Goblin fight a Druid Grove gate Drow and goblins spawn inside the Grove right behind the Gate
There's a few more but these are the most grating..

I had very little going wrong in first playthrough guess I am paying for that now.