So the patchnotes for patch 4 are not out yet, but I hope patch 4 will finally adress the long rest issues.

Since I have not read all the replies here, a quick summary of the problems I see with the current resting system:

Short rests are obsolete (apart from some gimmicks, like acticating Hellish Rebuke, then short rest to get your spell slot back, or using Hex and then getting free hex skill and short rest to get spell slot back).
Long rests are unlimited and available everywhere. There is but one dungeon in EA where you can not long rest, and its a very short dungeon. You can always go outside and long rest.
Having unlimited Long rests completely breaks all the balance since players have all ressources and full HP whenever they like.
This causes players to stockpile food and potions and scrolls.
Food and potions and scrolls are already too plentiful. You should remove 20% of all food, potions and scrolls to make them feel more impactful. I didn't use a single speed potion or poison bottle in all of EA because I didn't need to, and the 4 candles are unlimited dip-in fire for your weapon and can be picked up. Poison bottles are obsolete.

But apart from breaking the entire balance and making the game too easy, Long rests cause another issue:
A lot of story plays out during Long rests. So the current situation is bad for players who enjoy a challenging game, because they miss out on lots of content. And players want to experience the story and companions! And players who want to experience the story and use Long rest often have a problem of not having a challenging game and not knowing when the next camp story comes up. The worst part of this: You end up Long resting even though you don't have to, because you fear of missing part of the story.

The current system really is the worst of both worlds: Its bad for players seeking a challenge and its bad for players who want to experience the story.

Many people have suggested solutions already, such as:

Only enable Long rest near actual campfires. There is one in front of the Druid grove, right above the gate. There is one in the blighted village. There is one in the underdark and your companions will point this out for you! A perfect camping spot.

Since this is still EA, there is going to have to be a lot of experimentation and its not going to be perfect the first time. But the resting system needs a rework ASAP. I fear that the longer the resting system stays in its current iteration, the more people will rely and become accustomed to it. And when it gets changed eventually, even more people will cry because the game is no longer easy-mode, or because they cannot rest in the places where they usually rest and they might have story content in a different order? I hope the resting system gets its needed rework sooner rather than later.

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