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#702354 17/10/20 03:09 AM
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Joined: Oct 2020
I few caveats:
- I absolutely adore Larian, and I believe our feedback is wanted, needed, and listened to
-The focus of this thread is going to be on spells, as how I have experienced them in EA
-Spells discussed are not all-inclusive and I would love to hear how I'm not utilizing them correctly, other input, changes to make the spell more playable, etc)
-TT vs CRPG makes it very different. What works in one, doesn't always translate well to the other (in the current form)
-Sorry that it is not alphabetical

Breakdown by class/Level

Cleric: Cantrip
-Blessing of the Trickser: NA: I haven't found when this is useful. Please enlighten
-Invoke Duplicity: NA: Full action. Seems very situational if Shadowheart casts it while either Asarion/La'ezel are within melee range also.
-Turn Undead: Standard Cleric Power and situational. This is fine
-Resistance: NA: Feels very situational perhaps on a thief about to move through a trap invested room? Never came into play in EA
-Guidance: Arguably one of the BEST Cantrips for any class. I feel this needs to be corrected with an overhaul of the party interaction dynamics. This is also able to be cast post-die roll per PHB. EA makes it a chore. This is a really core Cantrip for Clerics as their support for the party.
-Sacred Flame: Feels pretty solid as a translation from TT to EA. To-Hit% feels a little off unless blessed. Thought it was just caster vs target with Dex modifier. Why would a BLESS or HIGH GROUND be a modifier t this spell?
-Minor Illusion: Very Situational. I have not found a reason to ever use this over attacking/defending/buffing.
-Thaumaturgy: Very situational. Again, party-centric skill checks on interactions really limit this cantrip

Cleric 1st Level
-Charm Person: Very situational and a main issue of mine within EA. It feels like it's either a cutscene with important dialogue (which I may not have the precognition to charm before it starts), or I'm casting CHARM on randos, and potentially wasting a spell slot. in TT the DM usually does a decent job of giving enough information to the players that hints at "talk to this person". in EA, it feels very cutscene important or trivial. No Middleground
-Disguise Self: Never Used it. Don't see how it's playable in EA
-Bless: Standard Staple
-Bane: Standard Staple
-Command Halt: Seems to be decent vs singular target. I found it situational
-Create Water: In the DOS1/DOS2 world this would be an amazing spell. In 5E BG3, I found it never worthwhile to take). The animation (even in EA) is beautiful.
-Cure Wounds: Staple for Clerics
-Guiding Bolt: Main staple. Us Murder-Hobos o' faith need some love also
-Healing Word: As a bonus action it makes it ok, but the over-abundance of food and other healing as a Bonus Action makes it a non-select
-Inflict Wounds: Very Thematically Sound (too bad Shadowheart missed every attempt with it. she's an enjoyable character, but shite for everything else)
-Protection From G/E: Never had a situation to use it in EA
-Shield of Faith: TT vs BG3: No reason to take this or cast this over an offensive spell/defensive spell

Cleric 2nd Level
-Blindness: Very situational, good for potentially stopping a ranged opponent? Never used it in EA
-Lesser Restoration: NA: Never had a need to use it in EA
-Guiding Bolt: Main staple. Us Murder-Hobos o' faith need some love also (as a 2nd level spell slot)
-Bless: Standard Staple (4 vs 3)
-Bane: Standard Staple (4 vs 3)
-Protection Vs Good/Evil: NA: Never had a need to use in EA
-Command Halt: Seems to be decent vs singular target. I found it situational (x2 targets)
-Aid: Solid spell in TT but feels like a waste in BG3. better to BLESS and GB a target
-Healing Word: As a Bonus Action, this is decent, but the availability of food and other items makes this pretty useless when you can have better Offensive/Defensive/Buffs prepared.
-Pass Without Trace: Very situational and I never had to use it.
-Silence: Great spell in TT. Can remove a SC in a lot of ways. Never felt strong enough in BG3 EA
-Prayer of the Healing: Solid spell, but in EA with the ability to rest at will - worthless
-Hold Person: Situational. I found it more useful to just murder everyone in EA
-Mirror Image: Staple for Defense

OK, give me feedback. What am I missing/playing incorrectly/not realizing in EA? I really would like to do more of this for wizards and warlocks (and other classes) but it's a chore. If a lot of people respond, that tells me that my effort is worth that while. I am always happy to hear how I'm wrong/misunderstanding/not utilizing spells correctly. The path to enlightenment is a first humble step.

Swen and Larian...This is amazing work! I know you will have a lot of critics, but that is because the love the souce material and we KNOW your team is up for the challenge. This game, in its final form, will set the foundation for CRPG for D&D.
I couldn't be more ecstatic that this team is involved. Thank you Swen and please make sure you tell your teams that we appreciate all of them. The time between EA and Release feels like a lot of knocks. We all hit you out of love.

SymposiumX #702355 17/10/20 03:10 AM
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Joined: Oct 2020
I'm happy to do other class spells. -to clarify-

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