Net ~50 hours of gameplay, here are notes that I didn’t see already being mentioned in the forum:

1. In a scripted event, Astarion will attempt to suck the blood of the player during sleep. Allowing him to do so without interruption seems to result in a companion character being dead on a bedroll once the scene shifts to morning, unless all companions are dismissed from active party.
2. Taking to Auntie Ethel gives a [HUMAN] tagged response ("don't change the subject..."), even if the speaker is a Tiefling (didn't check other races).
3. After picking up the "valuable shipment" during the "find missing shipment" quest, the quest marker on the map and mini-map updates to mark the person carrying it, but a duplicate marker remains on the box's original location. Same is with other quests where a quest item must be carried around.

General Issues
1. 'potion of fire breath" description says "30 feet", even if distance units are set to metric.
2. When adding items into a container and reaching a point where it needs to be scrolled down to reach an empty cell, the container automatically scrolls back to the top every time an item is added- forcing the player to scroll down for each additional item.
3. It's not always clear what a character spots via perception and other free-roam checks. The message saying "check successful" only servs to confuse if the player misses the split-second marking spark
4. Cutscenes (such as first goblin attack on the grove) will force all characters out of hiding stance regardless of context or location.
5. Non-party members are not affected by resting.
6. Quest-journal won't scroll down far enough to show all quests.
7. Scroll-wheel can be used in the quest-journal only if the mouse courser is positioned exactly on the scrollbar itself.
8. Save file preview thumbnail is too dark to see anything in it.
9. Too many active effects (next to the turn-based mode activation) can block view of weight in the inventory panel.
10. In the swamp, if a sheep takes damage by standing next to a player as they activate a spike trap, it alone will turn into a non-hostile red-cap while the rest of the illusion (including other sheep) remains intact.
11. The “Arcane Barrier” around Connor's grave behind the hag's hut looks like a plain box with a missing texture.

Technical Issues
1. Pathfinding: when on high ground (roofs, cliffs), ordering movement to a new location (lower ground or unconnected different high ground) will usually cause characters to take a route that involves jumping off a cliff and getting injured. Twice as egregious if ladders or non-height-hazardous paths are available in the same vicinity).
2. In various places (Underdark abandoned village, north end to the entry to the “valuable shipment” cave in Western ‘Risen Road’), it possible to make a jump into a seemingly bottomless pit. Doing so will kill the player and teleport the corpse to the center of the player camp.

Plot Issues
1. The "examine" panel can spoil story and game elements, such as Auntie Ethel being prematurely exposed as a fey.
2. No option to confront Astarion for not stopping drinking your blood if the persuasion to interrupt him fails.
3. Goblins in Blighted Village will question you with regular civilian script for property destruction if you attack a rotting basket in a destroyed house.
4. Strange that no approval points are not given from Astarion upon refusing to handing him over/tell on him to the hunter, even during conversation about it.
5. Speaking to Rolan in the refugee camp, gives a [Tiefling] tag that asks about Baldur’s Gate attitude towards Tieflings, even in the character also has a [Baldurian] tag, meaning they should already know what it Baldur’s Gate’s attitude towards Tieflings.

1. While moving the camera from one type of area to another, the change in scenery is too stark. Having a character stand in the forest and shoot at a red-cap in the swamp just sharply cuts from sunny to grim and back as the camera zaps between them.
2. In quest-journal, allow to choose whether newer quest notes are added on top or at bottom. Currently, newer notes/objectives appear on top so older ones pushed down, potentially causing confusion about chronological order of things. Alternatively/additionally, add clearer distinction between entries (numbering, separating lines…).
3. Make all one-handed weapons (swords, rapiers, daggers…) be sheathed on the hip instead of on the back. Rule of cool dictates larger/2-handed weapons to be sheathed on the back regardless of realism, but smaller weapons don’t even look cool there, just awkward.
4. Equipped shields should be sheathed on the back. Alternatively, make this an option in the ‘options’ menu.