So I've gotten about 50 hours into the game now playing one MP and one Solo session. First of all love it so far, it's still needs some work, but that's why you are in EA smile
Some here some feedback on things I've experienced:

- Cutscenes frequently take away player agency. It's not possible to get close to specific encounters without triggering the fight etc. Also in some fights it's impossible to choose sides.

- Why is the game determining who I am fighting with or against? The game shouldn't make that decision for me by putting red/green markers on 2 groups fighting (example the fight in front of the grove).

- Compound roll's are something I feel needs to be revisited. A prime example is Nettie where you have to roll like 4x for persuasion which get successively more difficult. You should not need to make so many persuasion etc rolls in succession. It just feels like a the DM doesn't want someone to go down that path and is stacking the deck against the player.

- Finding the right balance between HP bloat and hit/miss. Right now when I play the game I feel like my mages miss 70% of their shots while warriors have much higher to-hit & damage. Enemies can be a bit spongy but I understand from DM'ing that adding more enemies ramps up the difficulty spread massively because you have more to/hit dmg rolls which make damage output too random to properly scale the encounter. Too many people would run into BS situations where they just die.. and this game is supposed to be fun first and a D&D replica 2nd. So I'm hoping you find the right balance.

- While surfaces are fun sometimes, it's a little over used. Together with the AI not walking characters around surfaces it makes it a pretty frustrating experience at this stage of development. You should have a toggle in combat for the pathfinding to avoid surfaces which you can turn on/off so you can make a conscious decision.

- For Early Access it would have been great to get a bit of a mix of characters, at the moment most of them feel they belong into the Neutral/Evil camp and everyone is a bit antagonistic... It's hard to help anyone without getting the disapproval rating from your companions at least that's how I'm seeing that.

- Natural 20's on Dialogue rolls, I know, this is probably insane to implement because it requires so much effort.. but Nat 20 rolls I feel should have some form of other outcome.. It would be fantastic if there was any possibility to add something to existing dialogue which makes that possible, even if it's just an addition at the beginning or the end of the dialogue i.e. (She looks at you with wrapped attention! bla bla bla...)
Same thing with Natural 1's...

- Combat Nat 20's I think my wife got a cutscene as a ranger, but mostly there's just this weird cut and a dice with 20. It would be great if there were just a little something more there. heck maybe even a Nat 20 toggle which allows you to chose a killing cutscene etc... allow the player some flair for their Nat 20. But I understand, it's allot of effort for something fairly rare to happen... so is it worth it..

-On rolls in general I sometimes get that the roll I have is higher than the indicated threshhold but I still fail the roll? Maybe an issue with Guidance which I think may need some tweaking in general.

- Hotbar management, please do something about hotbar management, this is pretty painful especially if you have a spell caster character whom you are also giving scrolls. There is no easy way to move items from line 3 hotbar to line 1 that I have seen or it isn't clear. Spells shouldn't require different slots on the hotbar for tiered casting. You should click the spell and select from drop down what level to cast. That just needs a revamp

- Inventory management needs improvement as well. You should be able to sort and move groups of items and not have to drag things one by one. The inventory scrolling to the top every time you move an item is just as painful especially for hoarders like myself. Same with your camp chest, it's too small there are too few items on the screen meaning eternal scrolling. I guess that's general feedback for inventory management.. tooo much scrolling.

- Equipping items is a bit odd as well at times, that overlay screen for all the characters doesn't quite work.

.... few, there's more but I'll leave it at this for the moment...Again thanks for a fun experience and I really see the potential this game has. Also congrats on selling over 1m copies already!!!!

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