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Joined: Oct 2020
Well Larian asked for feedback here is mine!

I play DnD 5e IRL and I played an elf hunter ranger and I really liked the class rework. It was great not needing a rogue and being self sufficient to open chests. I was only disappointed that so far the EA did not gave any relevant feat to make archery more powerful and fun to play but that will probably be implemented latter.

First, I found the game really fun and there seems to be a lot of ways to navigate it. Combat was fun and tactical for me and failing important moves made my most interesting fights. We find way enough consumable to be able to handle a few bad lucks in some fights even if they are frustrating at first.

Here are some random things I found needed polishing :

Mage hand :
I found this spell lackluster simply because the hand could only throw things instead of carrying them without breaking them. The only use I found was to get his bag easily to the mushroom picker but I had to save and reload multiple times simply because I broke the bag by throwing it to him. But when it finally worked it was satisfying to finally get an use out of this spell. I will still experiment with it to try and find new uses.

Breaking chests :
The loot most of the time disappear and when it does appear it is very hard to spot on the ground. I was disappointed with this result, breaking a chest might be bad for potions but a complete set of armor should not be destroyed. I don't know if it was intended that way. A force open option might be an alternative?

Invoke duplicity :
Ugly looks and close from useless. Needs a rework. Obviously being able to cast from it or that some enemies might attack it would be great.

Light and shadows :
If a character does not have dark vision its normal that the ennemies are ''obscured by shadows'' and the attacks gain disadvantage. When I put light on Lae'zel sword before the fight in the underdark against the bullet I though that was going to be helpful. But it seemed the bullet was still ''obscured by shadows'' even if Lae'zel and her glowing sword were right beside it. I don't know if that is the correct interaction of that spell. Did I needed to waste an action to actually try to put light on the monster? (Might need to try to see if it's possible)

Mayrina Quest :
Fun and dark themed quest. I did not found a way to tell Mayrina that both her brothers died trying to save her (don't know if it was my mistake or if it was overlooked by developpers). Also I was really disappointed that her husband dead body was not a correct interacting target for the speak with dead spell (he is dead, not a skeleton and does have a mouth...). That interaction would be a great way to add another outside the box solution to this quest (could also lead to a bad or good outcome).

Spectator fight :
Cool design, I personally found it by jumping from the stronghold window so I had an advantageous fighting position. My main complain with this fight is that when I used my silencing weapon on the spectator it broke all of his charming effects. The drows started also attacking the spectator at that point and that was a good thing. But my problem was that the drows were still also fighting my party (even after the spectator death) but they were considered allies so they did no provoke opportunity attacks for my party and I was still forced to kill them all. I tried to knock unconscious their leader but I did not see a big difference from killing her (I might need to experiment more with that command...). Overall that fight felt buggy and I was disappointed I could not rescue the drows from their mind control and have at least a chance to speak with them using that route.

Missing spells I wish to see :
Knock : Should not be to har to implement and some scrolls would be very useful.
Spiritual weapon : Hard to implement but the main damage source for 2nd level spells of clerics and the main use of their bonus action. Would be very cool.

Overall that game is already looking impressive and I am not worried for the rest. Good luck to Larian to read all the feedback! Can't wait for the rest of the game!

Joined: Oct 2020
Joined: Oct 2020
I don't think Spiritual Weapon would be that hard. It can function like a pet summon.

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