So been playing since the release so far, and having seen some of the posts, but not all, I may end up repeating some previously mentioned bugs. Also, some of my concerns will be related to the pen and paper game, as Im playing 2 nights a week and feel the game, as a whole, is a VERY poor representation.

* Been playing the warlock, and for me, the class has always been, hexblade, and everything else. In that, hexblade is a melee master, the others casters, which inevitably, rely on eldritch blast spam.
- Having a separate entry on the combat table for Agonizing Blast, is stupid, you really can just add it to the damage roll. Its really just like adding a str modifier to a melee attack, there is no extra entry for that.
- Just having pact of the chain. That's really lazy and boring.
- I played the great old one for 3nd playthrough. NO eldritch invocation options. NO Pact Boon. That's one broken class. Fix please.

* Fire bolt. Read the spell description. It does not set people alight. Remove that. Its a broken spell as it is.
- 2nd to firebolt setting so many things alight. This Baldurs Gate, D&D... NOT Divinity. Get rid of you damn surfaces all over the place. Innovative and fun in DOS2, annoying and not the least bit representative of D&D.

* Can you not add scabbard/sheathes, or at the very least just the belt loops, to hold daggers. In the cutscenes, they just float off the hip in mid air. Looks ridiculous.

* Nearly every character has this open hand bug. Astarion threatening me with a dagger floating in the palm of his hand, which is completely open. The old lady offering me potions which float in her open hand. Both of which mind you, are vertical, the hand that is. People gesturing whilst talking at using nothing but open hand gestures, when Im sure some of them mean to be pointing a finger or clenching their fist.

* If I was ever playing an Assassin Rogue, id be the most USELESS character ever. We don't initiate fights via stealth, most of the bad guys are sprung on us due to an event of some kind.

* D&D is D20 based. I got that. And ask many of my game mates, I have the WORST rolls ever. But BG3? Its punishing. VERY punishing. Ive scored much worse rolls on hit, saves and my dmg rolls? I RARELY roll above 2 or 3. Random rolls happen, but consistent shit rolls seem to me, that the generator is a little off.

* On rolls. We have all our stats, our skills, which we get to adjust and change as per character creation. When you hover over the requisite skill checks in dialogue, it tells you what skills are at work. You roll the dice. you need a 10. You roll a 9. You fail even though you have +4 in that skill.. So that should be a success. IF you are going to say they are baked into the roll for ease of use. That would be erroneous. I needed to roll a 5, got a 4, with a skill that gave me +5. So that argument would be invalid.
- Checked the combat log for my skill check. Told me the skill check needed, the roll I made then the REAL confusing part. Roll 8 +4 - +2 Charisma, +2 Proficiency +4 Persuasion = 12. No. Wrong. That's 16. And YES I know it should be only 12. You NEED to remove the +2 charisma and +2 Proficiency, from that roll, as +4 persuasion is exactly that. And if its to explain how you got the +4, that'd be why we have a character sheet where we have skill modifiers that we can check.

* My group gets one shotted pretty easy. Cleric has 15 hit points. One spell. Dead. Wizard gets hit by melee attack. Dead. I scrape through my wins BARELY.

* The death save graphical representation Is really bad for me. I don't like it. I can offer no alternative, I just don't like it.
- I would like to see, if someone is down and rolling death saves, and the combat ends, that it immediately switches to turn based. Getting to my character and the required spells and targeting them before they die isn't that easy. You managed to throw me into turn based mode when I encountered my trap in the chapel, so I don't see why you cant do the same here.

Finally, I dont know if it was tongue in cheek or what. But you posted with your update, your frustration at us not utilising the character creator to its fullest potential.Showing us an amalgamation of all our collective avatars, Ending with, we gave you all these options and you give us this. Tbh, that just irritated me. We gave you full retail price money. And this is what you have given US: Limited races, limited sub races. Limited classes, limited sub classes, limited options WITHIN those classes/subclasses. So dont be flippant with your words when it comes to the creation process. I would have preferred less focus on that side, just so youd get the mechanics right. Some Perspective please.