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Joined: Oct 2020
Two-Weapon Fighting Related Issues

There appear to be several issues with Two-Weapon Fighting:

First of all, my ability modifier is not being added to the attack roll of my off-hand weapon, this causes my off-hand attacks to be far less accurate, which is problematic and unreliable.

Second, my ability modifier IS being added to the damage roll even when I don't have the Two-Weapon Fighting Style, which it should NOT be, so when I do level up and take the Two-Weapon Fighting Style it is effectively doing nothing. Proficiency bonuses seem to be working correctly, it's just the ability modifier that seems to be backwards for the off-hand attack, which then makes the Two-Weapon Fighting Style useless.

I took Archery for the sake of proving that I don’t have Two-Weapon Fighting:
Archery Taken

Off-Hand Attack, No Ability Modifier on Attack Roll but on Damage Roll:
Off-Hand Attack ; Roll Data

Third, Hunter’s Mark is working on main-hand attacks but not off-hand attacks. This also applies to Hex. It doesn’t matter if you attack with the off-hand alone or with both as a pair, neither of these spells ever activate on an off-hand attack.

Hunter’s Mark Applied:
Applied Mark

Main-Hand Attack, Damage Addition Applies:
Main-Hand Attack ; Roll Data

Off-Hand Attack, No Damage Addition Applies:
Off-Hand Attack ; Roll Data

Hex Applied:
Applied Hex

Main-Hand Attack, Damage Addition Applies:
Main-Hand Attack ; Main-Hand Roll Data ; Hex Roll Data

Off-Hand Attack, No Damage Addition:
Off-Hand Attacks, No Hex Damage ; Roll Data

Fourth, the feat Dual Wielder does not indicate an increase of +1 AC when dual wielding weapons.

Dual Wielder Taken as Feat:
Feat Taken

AC Without Dual Wielding:
Base AC

No Change in AC While Dual Wielding:
No AC Addition ; No AC With Light Weapons Either

Fifth, You cannot see your off-hand weapons damage in your equipment menu, unless your off-hand weapon is higher than your main-hand, in which it then overwrites your main hand damage. Can you see it when you are equipping it? Yes, but can we have a convenient way to just see it upon opening the menu?

Menu Showing Main-Hand Damage and Type, but Not Off-Hand:
Only Main-Hand Shows

Off-Hand Overwriting Main-Hand Damage Due to Higher Damage:
Off-Hand Override

Sixth, your off-hand weapon determines your weapon skill. Odd choice, probably not intended.

Off-Hand Determining Melee Skill:
Off-Hand Determining Skill

Conversational Advantage Issues

The Spell, Charm, and the Cantrip, Friends, are not working properly in relation to gaining advantage over your target on charisma checks in dialogue. While the combat effect of Charm does function properly, the advantage side does not work at all, at least on a conversational level. Friends only has the value of being used to gain advantage in conversation, but also does not function, rendering it impotent.

Another spell for gaining advantage in this way, Thaumaturgy, does work however and allows you proper advantage on intimidation checks in dialogue. The major difference with this one is that you cast it on yourself instead of on your target. Guidance also works fine with getting your 1d4 bonus roll in conversational situations.

Dialogue Example of Having Advantage With Thaumaturgy:

Thaumaturgy Applied To Character Who Is Going To Initiate Dialogue:
Applied Thaumaturgy

Advantage On An Intimidation Check:
Advantage Functioning

Dialogue Examples of Advantage Not Functioning:

Friends Applied With Character Who Is Going To Initiate Dialogue:
Friends Concentration ; Friends Applied On Target ; Friends Effect

No Advantage On Persuasion Check:
No Advantage

Charm Applied With Character Who Is Going To Initiate Dialogue:
Charm Applied
Charm Effect

No Advantage On Persuasion Check:
No Advantage

“Missing” Character Sheet Information

Many class features do not appear at all in the character sheet, which can be frustrating when wanting to double check information about your choices on a character.

Examples of “Missing” Class Information Utilizing Ranger:

Ranger’s Choices For Favored Enemy. Example; Mage Breaker:
Mage Breaker Taken

Information Not Listed Under Class Section:
Not Shown On Character Sheet

Sure, when I look under my ability scores at my proficient skills, I can see I have the Arcana proficiency and when I look at my spell book I can see I have True Strike and so I can deduce that I chose Mage Breaker. Is the information there on the character sheet? Yes, it is, but I still believe under the class section it should say that I’m a Mage Breaker or whatever other choice I made.

Ranger’s Choices For Natural Explorer. Example; Wasteland Wanderer: Fire:
Wasteland Wanderer: Fire Taken

Information Not Listed Under Class Section:
Not Shown On Character Sheet

Same as above, I can look at my character sheet and immediately see I have resistance to fire, but It would be nice if under the class section under Lv 1 Ranger it says that I chose Wasteland Wanderer: Fire as my Natural Explorer perk.

Another example is my choice of subclass.

Ranger’s Level 3 Choice of Subclass. Example; Hunter:
Hunter Taken

Information Not Listed Under Class Section:
Not Shown On Character Sheet

Yes, I’m aware it shows up on the equipment page, but I still would like it in my sheet, like Rogue shows with Thief.

Missing Character Sheet Information

The examples above are situations where information isn’t technically missing, but it’s not convenient to find or look at, not the end of the world but it wouldn’t hurt to adjust this either. The examples that follow below will be of information outright missing entirely.

Examples of Missing Class Information Utilizing Ranger:

Ranger’s Choices For Favored Enemy. Example; Bounty Hunter:
Bounty Hunter Taken

Information Not Listed Under Class Section:
Not Shown On Character Sheet

Ok, so I can see that I got the Investigation proficiency by checking the ability score/skills section, but there is no indication whatsoever that the part of Bounty Hunter that states enemies have a more difficult time escaping from my restraints even exists anywhere in my characters information.

Ranger’s Level 2 Choices For Fighting Style. Example; Dueling:
Dueling Taken

Information Not Listed Under Class Section:
Not Shown On Character Sheet

As you can see, it shows me that I got spell slots, and if I hover over that listing it even tells me how many and of what level, which is great! But… where is my Fighting Style? It’s not listed anywhere. The only way to know for sure that it’s even there and functioning is to attack something, open up the combat log and make sure you are getting that +2 then double check that the +2 isn’t coming from some other source.

Ranger’s Level 3 Choice of Prey. Example; Colossus Slayer:
Colossus Slayer Taken

Information Not Listed Under Class Section:
Not Shown On Character Sheet

Same situation here, my spell slot information is updated, but I can’t see my passive choice on my character sheet.

Ranger’s Level 4 Choice of Feat. Example; Mobile:
Mobile Feat Taken

Information Not Listed Under Class Section:
Not Shown On Character Sheet

There isn’t even a Level 4 section to look at, just no information at all, and mobile gives 3 entirely different passives within itself. I used Ranger as the example here because it happened to be what I was working with at the time, but every class suffers from these same or similar issues, it would be helpful and appreciated to have all of our information readily available and convenient to find.

Information Pertaining to Dice Rolls Missing or Lacking

The combat log is an incredibly helpful feature when trying to test important mechanics within the game, but unfortunately there are aspects in relation to the amount of information shared which are lacking.

The biggest issue I’ve noticed is that when a condition is successfully landed, on either side of the opposition. A roll is never shown, it simply states that the condition was applied and leaves it at that. While this might seem ok, in actuality it makes it incredibly difficult, roundabout if not outright impossible to reliably test if certain functions and mechanics are even working properly, such as Hex’s skill check disadvantages. We need to be able to see these rolls, whether or not the condition is successful.

Example of a Condition Failing Due to a Successful Save or Check; Grease:
Successful Saving Throw ; Dice Roll Data

Example of a Condition Successfully Applying Due to a Failed Save or Check; Grease.
Failed Saving Throw, No Roll Data Available

When a save is made, I can hover over the “made a saving throw against” text and it will tell me the roll on it, but when the condition is received there is nothing to interact with to check the roll. I would personally add the text “failed a saving throw against (*Source*),” preceding the text “received condition: (*Condition*)” and link it to the dice rolls, much like you do when the checks are successful.

Furthermore, in regards to rolls being shown pertinent to the advantage system, we only ever get to see the taken roll, not both. Not a big deal, right? Well, definitely far less of an issue than conditions not even showing a roll on a failed save, but still an issue nonetheless. This one mostly has to do with just wanting to see both rolls so no doubt can be cast upon the system working at all. It doesn’t exactly cause any discernible problems off the top of my head other than making me have to run extra tests to be sure of my results, but I would really like to be able to see why I still failed miserably when I had advantage, or why the enemy shrugged me off so easily while in disadvantage. This is a very complex game and information is part of the fun. Lacking that information, especially when trying to stress test things, can be a little off-putting and less exciting.

A extended example of this is the fact that advantage in conversation has both die roll in the background and only showing us the one taken in the end. When you have advantage and you come out with a roll of 3, wouldn’t you want to be able to see what your other roll was? If not to at least convince yourself that you just had terrible luck and the system isn’t broken, but even to just have a little fun in your misery with friends when they see how you just rolled twice and still got screwed.

In relation to the point above as well, my friends can’t see my dice rolls in dialogue. This was actually a thing that got mildly frustrating because we were always asking each other what was rolled. WE WANT TO SEE! Dialogue rolls don’t even show up in the log either, so unless we constantly ask, which is absolutely annoying, we won’t know. It’s part of the fun, let us all see it, please, if at least only as an option you can turn on.

Again, information and feedback from a game this complex is just good to have, even if it’s something seemingly small like this. It assists in keeping things more interesting and it also makes testing easier. Hell, maybe even an optional UI for a scrolling set of dice on screen where you can see the last 5 sets of dice rolls made in the game so you can keep track of it as things are happening rather than having to rely entirely on scrolling through the combat log constantly could be nice.

The Exploitability of Fast Travel

While convenience is great, sometimes it can do far more harm to a game than help it. Currently fast traveling is entirely free and can be done from any place at any time so long as you are not engaged in combat. This is massively exploitable and abusable especially when you add in turn based mode to the mix.

A simple example of being able to exploit this mechanic is pickpocketing. You can slip on turn based mode, stealth up behind someone, even in a crowded area as long as you have that smallest bit of darkness (or make it yourself!), then go to town. Now, instead of just trying to slip away without getting caught you just… TELEPORT.

Now you can’t get caught and there are no possible consequences unless you fail the pickpocket in the first place, in which I hope you aren’t one of those save scummers and just accept the consequences, but there are limits on what you can really do to stop that which don’t have a major impact. Not only does being able to do this negate the ability for NPCs to even catch you, but it also demeans other game mechanics such as disguise self. Why use that when committing a crime if there is no risk?

Another example where it’s not exactly “exploitable”, but is just nonsensical and completely eliminates any sense of potential danger is being able to just teleport out of any dungeon or dangerous area when you get yourself into a sticky situation that is difficult to navigate out of.

Oh, I stealthed my way all the way through to the end of this dungeon, disarming traps, nabbing treasures and avoiding enemies, but now I don’t want to have to put in any effort to get out now that my scouting is done? POOF. I was in this dude's house stealing his valuables and I triggered an alarm? POOF, gone before the guards can react. No effort, no cost, no danger.

I don’t know how much you have planned for trying to pin players into dangerous situations, but being able to just fast travel out of it will ruin it, and doing forced instantly-in-combat ambushes at every turn to avoid this can undermine game mechanics or just get outright frustrating or annoying. Fast traveling, in my opinion, should only be usable from fast travel points at the very least. Some sort of restriction feels necessary here.

The Excessive Convenience of Camp and How it Can Undermine Gameplay

This issue somewhat ties into the exploitability of fast travel as well. Being able to just teleport to camp from any place at any time outside of combat is equally as exploitable and abusable as fast traveling, and as such I believe some sort of restrictions ought to be enacted here too as every point made in the fast travel section applies here.

Camp is just TOO convenient with absolutely no apparent negatives, dangers or downsides. There is nothing stopping you from going to camp after every combat encounter and resting up. This allows players to just blow anything and everything at any encounter without consequence then just go to camp, sleep it all back and poof right back to where they left off.

This makes combat, quite frankly, a bit of a joke when you can throw the entire nuclear silo at it and then go to camp and have it back 10 seconds later and you don’t even have to have any travel time to and from, you just get to be right back in the middle of that dungeon you left from. This will only likely get more abusable with higher levels too. You don’t have to even worry about conservation, the whole POINT of having limited resources. Dungeons and other dangerous areas just become completely unthreatening. The ability to go to and from the camp so freely completely undermines so much of the game.

Carrying too much? Who cares, send it back to camp and keep going, picking up every ounce of junk without any need to be choosy. Done? Teleport for free from anywhere to a place with a shop, offload it, go to camp instantly, yet again, grab it from the chest, port right back in front of the shopkeep, give him a heart attack, sell the rest. Then for good measure, buy a few expensive items with the gold you just made, slap the turn based button, pickpocket ‘em of all the gold you just gave him and teleport away without giving the poor bastard a chance and go sell off that expensive crap you just bought. Ooops, left that big, bad greatsword at camp? No problem, just teleport there, grab it out of the chest aaaaaaand, back to where I was. Who needs all these healing items and scrolls? Useless trash, I can just go to camp from wherever, whenever.

Convenience is nice, but it’s not always good. Too much restriction is also problematic. It’s hard to strike a balance, but I definitely feel like it’s tilted far too much in one direction as things stand now. Even if it’s kept this way for the lower difficulties, this is something that absolutely should have restrictions going into higher difficulty modes.

List of Other Bugs, Issues and General Feedback

Here is a list of other bugs, issues and feedback. This will not cover everything as there is just too much, but I’ll try and cover some stuff that I feel might be a bit more obscure, overlooked or just something I personally feel is important, though I’m sure they have been reported in some capacity by now.

Movement Bar Not Updating:
The movement bar does not update properly when switching between characters. This character is a Wood Elf with Longstrider currently on, that is 30(Base) + 5(Race) + 10(Longstrider) = 45 feet. However it says I have 30, although I can still move 45. If I then quick-save and reload on this character it will display the proper 45 feet, but then when I swap to others it will also display 45 feet even though they can only move 30.

Incorrect Movement Displayed:
Wrong Movement Distance

Saved/Reloaded, Correct Movement Displayed:
Movement Distance Corrected

Incorrect Movement Displayed on Another Character After Reload and Switch:
Wrong Movement Distance Again

Movement is Sometimes Interrupted:
Sometimes when moving during combat my character randomly stops before reaching the destination specified, even if it's a straight line on a fairly flat surface, but more often when something like climbing or moving around objects is involved.

Great Weapon Fighting Style Can’t Be Proven:
Due to the lack of feedback from the game it currently cannot be proven that this passive is working or otherwise. If you roll two 1’s you could still get a 1. If you roll a 2 and then a 1, you still get a one. If you roll a 1 and then a 2, you still get a 2 and if you roll two 2’s you still get a 2. Because of this, without any feedback from the game, this passive is impossible to prove as either working or not working.

Dueling Fighting Style Issues:
When taking the Dueling Fighting Style passive it is not inflected in the equipment screen where it shows the damage of your melee attack. It does work, but it would be nice to be able to see it in the equipment menu as you can with Archery Fighting Style.
Also, The text for Dueling when taking it in the level-up screen is misleading. It states, “ hand and when the other hand is empty,” it should say “...when you are wielding a melee weapon in one hand and no other weapons.” This passive works with shields so the current text is deceptive.

Incorrect Dueling Text:
Misleading Description

Ranger’s Bounty Hunter:
Bounty Hunter States “Creatures you restrain have a harder time escaping.” These are the two ways to look at this that I can think of; It increases the difficulty class of restraints, or an enemy who has been restrained will be put at disadvantage against breaking out of the restraints. Neither of these things are indicated. Maybe it applies it through other means, but I'm not sure how that would be and I would like it to be done in a way that is clear if it is currently a hidden effect.

Bounty Hunter Not Taken:
Mage Breaker Taken

Base DC of Ensnaring Strike:
DC of Initial Hit
Saving Throw Made Against Ensnared
DC of Ensnared Condition

Bounty Hunter Taken:
Bounty Hunter Chosen

DC of Ensnaring Strike Unchanged, No Disadvantage:
DC of Initial Hit Unchanged and No Advantage (Correct)
Saving Throw Made Against Ensnared
DC of Ensnared Unchanged and No Advantage (Incorrect?)

Ranger’s Colossus Slayer:
Colossus Slayer often activates on full health targets (but not always), clearly this isn’t supposed to happen. It is also adding my Dueling Fighting Style modifier to it and activating Hunter’s Mark (Again, not always it just randomly decides when it wants to do something or not) as well, I don’t believe it’s supposed to do this? However, sometimes it also does not seem to work even when an enemies health IS under max as well.

Colossus Slayer Activating On Full Health Target:
Full Health Target (Gale, Sorry!)
Attack Hit, Colossus Slayer Activates
Damage To Health (I have a problem)

Colossus Slayer Activating Dueling and Hunter’s Mark:
Attack Hit (Shadowhearts Turn)
Roll Data

Colossus Slayer Not Activating On An Already Damaged Target:
Roll Data, Target Damaged, No Colossus Slayer

Character Weapon Damage Boost:
When the calculations are shown in the log with Dueling and Hunter’s Mark they are shown as “(Character weapon damage boost).” While this is technically correct, it’s hard to look at and it would be nice if they were properly labeled as “(Dueling)” and “(Hunter’s Mark)” as well as any other skill, spell or feature in the future that might be like this.

Convolution of Dueling and Hunter’s Mark Together:

Failed Rolls Even With Equal Number to Target:
I can’t figure out why this happens and have not been able to force a recreation of it, but sometimes when I roll exactly the target number most of the time it’s a success, but on rare occasions it fails.

Example of Equaling Target Roll and Failing:
Roll Fail

Double Dialogue Rolls:
Rarely and randomly I get to roll the dice twice in a dialogue situation on the same check. Advantage rolls in the background twice when you have it, and I have never had it when this happens so I assume it’s a bug.

Attitude Not Updating:
Attitude score with NPCs when trying to increase it through donating items or gold to them does not always update. Saving and reloading generally fixes this.

Attitude Not Shown In Trade:
Attitude of an NPC is not shown during trade or barter, you can only see it through the examine function. This is a little annoying when you are trying to get a merchants attitude up as the only way to check is to completely exit out of the interaction, examine, then re-enter the interaction as many times as it takes to get it to what you want. Pair this with the issue above and it’s a frustrating process.

No Sell All Wares:
No option to sell all wares in one button press makes the whole wares system mostly pointless when I still have to go and manually click through every item I want to sell after having already spent the time to click through them to add them to wares in the first place.

Items Sold Not Disappearing From Shops:
I sort of see the argument for why you wouldn’t want items to disappear from shops in case you want to buy back, but could you at least make a buy-back or repurchase tab instead of flooding the merchants inventory with your sold junk? There is a reason that the buy-back or tab mechanic has existed in RPGs for so long, this is it. Add to that the fact it never goes away and it just gets to be a real mess.

Long Rest Not Replenishing Resources:
If you teleport to camp from the map instead of using the end the day button, and you use the bed roll, you do not replenish your resources on the character who activated the rest.

Lack of Camera Control:
It’s an isometric game, and it’s nice you allow us to get as close in as you have, but it’s still not quite enough. Sometimes the camera is just too steep, other times I wish I could zoom in more to see something better, or just lower the overall fixation of the camera as I zoom in as it feels much too high. I don’t see the harm in allowing us far more control over the camera functionality. If I want to zoom it in and lower the camera so that I’m playing it more akin to a 3rd person action RPG when exploring, then scroll out and be in total isometric mode for combat, I should be able to do that. You already have a toggle for top down, but having more control over the angle, zoom and x, y, z fixation would be quite welcome. Not to mention, it’s hard to take cool screenshots with such stiff camera functionality. This is a beautiful game, let us see it better.

A Need of More Information:
This is a very in-depth and complex game, and even I often find myself having to go to the 5e PHB and other various websites for information because I can’t remember something. But this is a video game, it’s a bit different. Even though you’ve done such a great job keeping it faithful to the source material as best you can, that information really needs to be in the game itself as much as possible, and there are a lot of things lacking in that department. Not everybody who will want to play this game is a veteran (I’m not). We can always turn tutorial pop-ups off, but if it’s not there in the first place to find, or it doesn’t fully embellish on it’s intended subject then I can see a lot of people getting frustrated.

Not All Data Is In The Combat Log:
Dialogue rolls and data pertaining to friendly NPCs in combat show nothing in the log, which is admittedly not really important, but we also do not get to see initiative rolls, and while we obviously can see the result, it’d still be nice to see the rolls and modifiers and whatnot. There might be other things I’ve missed not showing up, but in general it would be nice if it gave us more information in some departments for the sake of testing.

Kicked Out of Turn Based Mode:
I found myself often being forced out of turn based mode at incredibly inopportune times in multiplayer because somebody in a different area or half the map away from me started a conversation or possibly some other stuff. It got to the point where I just stopped using it entirely, which caused other issues because I’m the scout of the party and I’d suddenly get my heels seen at the last second and enter into combat when we didn’t want to, which would not have happened if I was using turn based and was also not randomly getting kicked out of it because somebody decided to go shopping.

Turn Based Mode Soft Lock:
Sometimes killing something in turn based mode, like the turrets, completely freeze that round and make you unable to progress or exit out of turn based mode, effectively soft locking you and forcing a reload.

Unable To Cast On Party Members Using Portraits:
Sometimes it’s just really difficult to target party members with the mouse depending on the situation. It would be very helpful if you could just click the heal or buff on their portrait instead for the same result.

Spears and Quarterstaves Not Versatile:
I think the reason you did this was to allow Javelin to be useful beyond throwing (?), but taking away versatility from spears and quarterstaves so they are only two-handed really sucks. You also took it away from tridents and made them exclusively one handed. You can keep javelins as one-handed, and I don’t personally care about tridents, but spears and staves becoming two-handed weapons only ruins some of my favorite builds, especially with Monk. Monk is not able to use it’s features with any weapon that says 2-handed, so unless you plan on bending the rules with that (honestly absurd) restriction it kinda screws Monk out of being able to use either of these weapons, leaving them with practically no choices… Monk is already strapped down with a boatload of restrictions compared to other classes, please don’t add more… I also really like spear and shield builds, and while I can use javelin to sort of achieve this, they don’t look as cool and depending on the game design I doubt there will be as many interesting javelins for use as there would be spears. I don’t think it hurts to give us versatility back on quarterstaves and spears (and tridents) so we have a good variety of choices. Of course, this is all speculation and I have no idea what your plans are for interesting weapons or for Monk, but I figured I’d bring this up regardless, because it is something I care about. Also, I only found a single, very bland javelin in all of act one and was very disappointed with that, so I’m a little more than worried about it. Out of all the bugs and issues, this disappointed me more than anything else in early access. Please, please change this… DoS2 spears were a travesty and a massive letdown, don’t do it again… I can’t think of any good reason as to why these restrictions were placed, vastly reducing the players' variety of choice.

Javelin and Trident (and SPEAR) Not Dual Wieldable:
It’s already frustrating that spears aren’t versatile as they should be, and I truly hope you change your stance on that and fix that issue, but why also restrict these weapons from being dual wieldable? I find it strange that you are putting extra restrictions on things that normally are more open than this. I remember dual wielding spears as totally being a thing you could do, I've seen this done and I've seen OC art of DnD characters doing this as well, nothing in the rules says you can’t (to my knowledge). Does dual wielding a spear make a whole lot of sense logically? No, it really doesn’t, but you could and I don’t see why we can’t in BG3 as well. Again, along with the last point made, this was the single most disappointing thing out of early access for me and I don’t know why you are taking away players’ choice in variety. I see hope in all the broken stuff, but I fear that this and the previous point won’t get changed, and that sucks. I hope I’m wrong, prove me wrong, please.

Unique Weapon and Armor Distribution:
I get it, it’s Act 1 and early access so it’s a bit early to make judgements on subjects like this but I'm still going to make observations based on what is available. Excluding the +1 items that you can buy from vendors, I think for the most part the overall distribution of unique items you can find in exploration is pretty decent, but also perhaps a bit lopsided in some cases. I’m sure I haven’t found everything, but I’m surprised to say I don’t have a single unique longsword, rapier, battleaxe, scimitar, morningstar, club, greatclub, maul, javelin, trident, short or long bow, hand, light or heavy crossbow. I generally found at least 1 to 3 uniques for anything else. It would be nice if the distribution of unique items was a bit better so that all weapons can feel viable to any build you might want to create. They don’t make such a big difference that not having access to a unique item makes that weapon type bad or unusable, for sure, but the point still stands that it’s a little lopsided. In terms of armor there were very few unique items at all, just a couple of robes and a particular medium armor, I would like to see more, perhaps. As for helms, gloves, boots, rings and amulets, that all felt fairly well distributed in terms of what I found.

Weapon and Armor Variety:
Again, it’s early in the game and it’s early access, I understand. I was actually mostly pleased with the overall appearance variety that showed up in just this early access, there is some cool stuff here already. Light armor in particular had a couple of neat appearance items as an alternative to studded leather, there was also a unique medium armor. There was a decent variety of weapon skin alternatives as well, and I’m sure once we get further into the game there will be even more, hopefully. With that being said, I do hope there are a good amount more in terms of alternative appearance items planned as some categories did feel a bit left out compared to others.

Lack of Unarmored Variety:
Please tell me you have more options planned other than robes or streaking. Robes are cool and all for mages, but when Monk and Barbarian hit? I guess I’m streaking, ‘cause I don’t want to wear robes on them. Also, even the unique robes felt… bland? They all looked the same, just colored differently. It’s early game and early access, fair enough, but please give us a decent variety of unarmored flavor choices as well, not just robes and not just robes that all look the same with a color change.

Robes on Females (And Some Others):
Extension of the point above, robes on female characters clip TERRIBLY through the back-side when running and it bothers me to no end. Males don’t seem to have this issue. Maybe I’m just a streaker at heart, but this alone makes me not want to wear them; please fix. Also, Padded Armor does this too, just not as much.

No Hide Helmet Functionality:
I get it, you put in that effort to make these cool helmets, but sometimes we don’t want to see them. We all have our personal likes and dislikes, and sometimes they just don’t fit our vision of our characters.

It’s early access and a lot of games don’t have this in the first place. Sometimes we get these big fancy items and we have to use them, but we don’t like the way they look and would prefer the look of something else. Perhaps it’s TOO fancy and we want some simplicity back. I’m not saying you should let us make light armor look like heavy armor necessarily, but if I have this piece of light armor I like the look of, but have to wear this other because it’s enchanted in some way, might it be possible to let us make that light armor look like a different light armor? Weapons as well, same idea. This is obviously not important or a priority whatsoever, and if you guys can’t get around to it I’m certain modders eventually will.

Day and Night Possible?:
DnD has time involved in it, and with so many in-depth mechanics around light and darkness existing I think it would be neat to see some sort of time cycle in the game, which of course would pause and flow with turn based when using it or when in combat. This might be harder to implement than I realize, but if possible I would love to see it. Time just always being at a standstill feels a bit off.

Final Notes:
I’m probably a little late to the party with posting for bugs and feedback and I’m sure all of this is already known but I figure it can’t hurt to add my take to it all. There is far more than this that I’ve run across, to the point I could probably write up another 18+ page document (lol, yep), but I decided just to cover certain things. Don’t misunderstand though, I might seem harsh, but I’ve had a lot of fun and I see massive potential here for the end product. I look forward to further updates and playtesting in the future. Keep up the good work.

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Quality writeup. One thing I noticed while going through your notes on Ensnaring Strike, is that the subsequent saves after the initial failed STR saving throw are called saves in the combat log. They should be STR checks, which may sound nitpicky, but it's important because they don't allow proficiency to apply to the save. Ensnaring strike doesn't really need any nerfs. It already has to compete with hunter's mark for concentration.

It may just be that it is called a saving throw for simplicity sake, but won't actually function any differently than a STR check. I'll have to do some testing with my Ranger.

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add......When picking up loot "pick up and add to wares" not working most of the time.

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Great write up!

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Nice work. Hope this gets some love from the devs.

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Awesome list OP. Question as I skimmed some of it, did the Dev's ever respond to how I get 3 or less dmg on a 1d6+3, the lowest it should ever be is 4. Really confusing me

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Originally Posted by Shiraiyuki
Failed Rolls Even With Equal Number to Target:
I can’t figure out why this happens and have not been able to force a recreation of it, but sometimes when I roll exactly the target number most of the time it’s a success, but on rare occasions it fails.

Example of Equaling Target Roll and Failing:
Roll Fail

First, great post! I agree with most of what you said!

I wanted to call this out specifically. I was wondering if you had Guidance on at the time of this roll. I've noticed it has it's own quirks. I'll get the guidance dice roll lowering the difficulty of a dialogue option, but when I roll, like you, I will fail eventhough I've hit the target. I've also had it where I've rolled one lower than the target and still successfully gotten the check.

This has led me to believe that Guidance is rolled twice. Once to lower the check, but then again when you 'roll' the dice. It's almost like they clear out your first roll and use the second, hidden, roll as your actual roll. It can be frustrating, but hopefully it gets looked at. I think it's been brought up before, but I felt like calling out in case it hasn't.

Again, great post! Sorry to hijack it!


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