So Solasta: Crown of the Magister's EA came out yesterday and while I have many problems with it I wont get into in this post, one place it exceeds is in the gameplay. And since its gameplay much like Baldurs gate, set out to translate d&d rules to a T its one of the best places to look for inspiration in how this game could improve, namely 3 missing mechanics that I believe are a must to have

1, The Dodge action: For players less familiar with the tabletop game, the dodge action is an action you use on your turn to force disadvantage on incoming attacks until your next. Its commonly used when a player can do nothing else on their turn and dont want to run head first into the fray. It ALSO is a great counter to Archers, which at the moment Baldurs gate has a sizable problem with due to height giving advantage, this would serve as a hard counter for Melee focused characters to bring those foes down to your level until you can get close enough to deal with them

2, The Ready action: this action allows you to hold your attack action until an enemy is within range. Thus eliminating the issue of having to run into their range to reach them on your next turn and likely giving them a free hit. This is ESSENTIAL for area control and ambushes.

3, Better Reaction control: this is a given, we need to be able to choose when our reactions go off, no one wants to waste a move like Hellish Rebuke, which costs a spell slot, on the 1 Hp goblin about to hit them with a wimpy club when a full health HobGoblin is about to run in with a greathammer. A simple "Yes/No" prompt would suffice. This problem is only gonna get more apparent later on when later reactions are added like the Bards "Cutting words" (which allows you to shave numbers off your enemies attack roll, possibly causing them to miss) obviously a huge ability you'd only want to use on heavy hitters

Solasta pulls off all of these very simply. The first two I can easily see implemented into the extra actions bar. While the third, as I said could be easily solved with a quick prompt pop up (also what Solasta does)

I think its important to note as well (as i only noticed after writing this) that these are ALL defensive abilities, a zone Baldurs gate is clearly lacking in in the current build

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