Not really issue's:
My playthrough: escape ship -> go to grove -> kill goblin camp (bit hard at my level but shove + pit really helped;)
hmm this is much smaller than DOS2 -> start exploring -> oh this is more like it
Suggestions: No hand holding but maybe insert some quest givers in the druid grove that fan out to non main quest area's (with directions like: north/south/west/east)
I had no idea what the absolute is something different than the mindflayer until the 2/3 of my playthrough.

Jumping as a group is very annoying.
Spell bar gets very messy very fast

Bugs: (save files available)
Auntie Ethel Hag flees but is never seen again (I've seen playthroughs where you can final fight her?)
You should be able to 'pickpocket' the masks of Auntie Ethel Hag pawns
Mayrina is freed out of the cage but does not respond (no dialog)
Gale keeps asking me for the staff of crones, but I have it in my inventory (gale is not a part of my party but at camp)

All things aside a very enjoyable playthrough

Not in the mood for cheese?
That excuse has more holes than a slice this fine Gorgombert!