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#719625 27/10/20 10:41 PM
Joined: Oct 2020
Machamp Offline OP
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Joined: Oct 2020
I managed to have a fully playable 5th party member that you can equip and control.

That was how I did it I have no idea if it's reproductible :
First I started the Myconid Quest to go kill dwarfs
Then I got Glut in my party
With Glut I used his raise dead power to get a dead Duergar in the team (I used the ones right before the decrepit village)
Then I used it on another dead Duergar : the first one died but stayed in my controllable NPC list just like a summon (but he was dead)
(I also fully revived a Myconid with Glut after a long and used him to get another Duergar)
Then I did the quest and killed the dwarfs ambushers
After I told Glut I would not help him to kill the rest
I fought Glut and the revived Myconid (the 2 revived Duergar were still friendly and killed their Myconid masters so thanks I guess?)
After I saved and closed the game.
No idea why but when I reopened the game the initial dead Duergar I raised (and later died because and used the power on another one) now have a portrait along my 4 main party members that I can link and control. I found that using a revivify scroll I can get the dead Duergar alive and playable again.
Now I have a 5th party member named ''Dead Duergar'' who is very much alive and I can equip him different weapons and play with him.
He can't pick up item, interact with NPC or trigger cut scenes but he can use items powers and be linked to other party members.

Did anyone else got something similar?

PS : I would post a screen shot but I can't figure out how (the image tag does seems to be working correctly when I preview my post)

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Joined: Oct 2020
Joined: Oct 2020
Yeah I also experienced this bug with pretty much the same setup: Glut revives a monster, revives a second monster killing the first, revivify on the first. Kinda funny. I had the thought that you could get an arbitrarily large number of followers this way, but I didn't do any tests (I think my temporary party size was 7. 4 + Glut + terrorbird + random named drow by the bark).

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