Possible Spoiler hint in the details..


Battling in decrepit village in underdark.. then main character died and game glitched her back to camp.. all the keys she was carrying were dropped on the ground.. also weird.. my others stayed there and finished the battle.. it was near the end, then found the keys..

Clicked on main characters photo, she was very dead in camp.. no one else could fast travel to camp.. but Shadowheart was in the camp, odd.. <she Had been in the party battling with me> she healed me.. we slept to get back to the battle grounds.. and.. both died.. yeah, weirder and weirder.. reloaded the after battle save.. Shadowheart paid the dude in camp to ressurect me.. then I healed her.. and we used the map and portal to get back to rest of the party..

Good news.. it worked.. we are together..

Maybe we need to tie a rope to each other to keep from wandering when dead? laugh