I noticed the following issues a lot in the Goblin Camp:

Path Interrupted.

Specifically, my party was on a wooden walkway on the second level and we were facing goblins directly below us. The goblin archers could fire an arrow and hit party members. (Ok, that’s fine. The board looked to have spaces between them)

However...on my part members’ turns if they tried to make a range attack it would read “path interrupted”. Any magic attack cast down would just hit the walkway. Firing arrows down would hit the walkway.

On one example, it showed a 94% hit probability. Hit the walkway. I loaded and tried this several times...all with the same result.

The last attempt was the most interesting and confusing. Fired an arrow, the critical hit 20 popped up. It zoomed in on the goblin like a kill shot, but nothing. I watched for a few minutes, a close-up of the goblin, looking around, ducking, doing some animations (good-looking, btw). But...no resolution. I will have to reload the save file.

So can lower ground fire through obstacles and higher ground can’t, can AI do this but party members can’t, or is this an issue that needs to be fixed? I’d prefer if path is interrupted then it’s interrupted for both parties and the % to hit gives a 0% than a misleading chance.