Version:, Definitive Edition
No giftbags
Both in modded and vanilla, with and without gift bags

So, when reaching Act 2, the boat (LV = Lady Vengeance) normally changes somewhat. The silent monks disappear, Dallis' cabin changes (trapdoor disappears, pressure plates vanish, bookcase that hid the button to unlock the treasure room disappears) and most of the containers are reset, meaning you can loot it twice. However, in my last two attempts to play with an overhaul mod (epic encounters 2), I noticed that the LV stayed exactly the same. Since I've played a bunch of times and reached that point multiple times, I immediately noticed this wasn't supposed to happen. I thought one of the mods caused this strange issue.
We tested around and noticed this also happens in Vanilla.

When you use a mod to skip act 1 and go straight to Act 2 and then visit the LV, it DOES appear normal. The changes are made. It looks like the version AFTER fighting Dallis.No trapdoor, no silent monks, no chest under the bed or next to it...
Here's an album of what the LV looks like in Act 2, after fighting Dallis:
Here's an album of what it SHOULD look like in Act 2, AFTER fighting Dallis (or at least, it used to be like this, maybe there has been a patch or update to this?):

I've been playing with and without mods since the game was released and I'm a 100% sure that the LV used to change after you left Act 1 and went through that fight with Dallis. However, it doesn't change anymore. The Silent Monks stick around, the trapdoor is still there etc etc.
At this point the people I've been talking to and myself don't even know what is right and wrong anymore. Was it supposed to never change at all? Has there been an update that addresses this? We've ran through different scenario's, killing Dallis or not, skipping Act 1 or not, playing vanilla or with a few mods/giftbags... It always ends up the same. When you go to the LV after Act 1, you end up with the LV in act 2 where the Silent monks stick around etc (first album). If you go straight to Act 2 or Act 3 with a mod, you get the second album version of the LV.

Modded savegame
In this folder you can find a savegame at the end of Act I, a savegame right before killing Dallis with a ballista using Fane, and the modsettings. When I reach Act 2 this way, the boat stays like in the first album, even though it supposedly has to change to the second album.

Vanilla savegame
0 mods 0 gift bags right before boarding LV
- If you tp from here into LV from any act then it'll be reset
- If you follow the story and kill/not kill Dallis then it won't reset upon entering Act 2

So what I'm mainly looking for right now, is an answer to what is supposed to happen or if this was updated or how I could maybe fix this.
Thank you.

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