I havent done a complete playthrough of the game yet but there are two things that threw me off completely right from the start.

1. Number one ist the camera movement. The fact that you cant change the angle of the camera but instead just rotate it left/right makes it feel really clunky to view anything. It would greatly improve the gameplay if it was possible to move the camera angle up and down. This also would make the weird "tacticle camera" obsolete because you could just move the camera to a top perspektive anyways.

2. My second grudge with the game is that they changed the 5e rules alot without good reason and without any concern for the ruleset still being functional. The 5e ruleset isnt perfect, but it is a very well thought out system. Changing core elemants like -AC/+HP or messing with the action economy just breaks it.

-Give us all the actions from 5e (dash, disengage, dodge, help, hide, ready, shove, knock prone...). Its all there, no need to change it. Why make jump and disengage into one? Why does jump require a bonus action now, it should be part of your movement? Why make disengage or shove a bonus action? Why even have opportunity attacks if you can disengage as a bonus action whenever you want?
-Dont disconnect actions like shove from their atributes. If you can shove a creature should be dependant on your strength (and the creatures str/dex).
-Dont connect actions like "knocking someone prone" to a specific weapon.
-Dont make some spells (like bless) obsolete by reducing enemy AC across the board.
-Dont make two spells (like healing word and cure wounds) castable in one turn.
-Give us a drawback to long rests. Usually making a long reast in a dangerous place is something you think twice about. In this game you can just rest after every encounter. That makes short rests completely obsolete. Why even limit the numbers of short rests if you dont limit the number of long rests?

I could go on but i think i made my point. There is a good reason the 5e rules are the way they are: because it works. What they produced right now are alot of changes just for the sake of changing something without any benefit to the gameplay. Quite on the contrary, it actually has alot of negative effects on gamplay and gamebalance. Maybe i'm wrong and i am sure you guys will correct me if so, but as i see it from the few hours i have played: the homebrew stuff just doesnt work.
And just as a side note, the reasoning for all those changes as far as i know is that they think those changes are needed to make DnD work as a computer game. I absolutely dont see how that is the case.

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