Hi all -

I've tried to "run" from encounters a few times when I thought I couldn't win (e.g., Minotaurs), or, in this case, where I didn't feel like fighting this guy who was unable to move from his location. I'm not sure if I'm missing an escape/flee encounter button somewhere or something, but what I've been doing is directing my characters to run away until it no longer shows them as in combat. However, both times I've tried this, I get a similar error, as shown in this video: https://youtu.be/s_ZoIEDE9gw

This has happened twice, both times in the Underdark. I haven't tried escaping encounters anywhere else. With the Minotaur battle, I managed to get Shadowheart and Astarion to the myconid colony, and then the minotaurs turned around and jumped back to PC/Gale, who were already downed, and then a similar error occurred where it was flashing "joined battle," which persisted until the Minotaur had whacked Gale to death (poor Gale!).

In the video, I had just killed a bunch of hook horrors and then Filro was stuck on top of the tree and not coming down to fight us or anything, so I was just having them leave. At the time, I had the myconid sovereign (Glut?) with me, and it was Gale who got stuck. I think it stopped when I switched control to Shadowheart and got her to flee the battle as well.