I get that early access can and will be wonky, and here on various threads I have spoken about matters that I have experienced while playing Baldur's Gate 3 on Stadia. I play the game on my television using a Chromecast and a Stadia controller. I like the game.

Here is just a sample of what I have encountered (with one caveat); I did not have the following issues prior to patch #3: Character creation menu continues to be messed up for me, with some menu selections such as hair color, or eye color being skewed off screen or impossible to select. Also none of the characters that I've created since patch #3 will level up at all, no matter where they are in-game or how much content they have completed ... all still currently sit at level one. Not getting access to other spell slots, feats or traits for instance is irritating for the tougher bosses later in the game.

I've tried to report this as a Stadia issue to Google Support ... twice now. This is their response: "Thanks for waiting. Upon checking here, we don't have any reported issues with Baldur's Gate 3 here on Stadia. Looks like you need to check with the game's publisher since it is a game specific issue."

My question is, are these bugs known? Are they even bugs? Is what I'm encountering just normal early access type of tomfoolery? I really don't know where I stand as a player and mentioning it here in many threads has not had anyone weigh in as having run into the same brick walls that I'm smacking into.

A little feedback would really be appreciated!

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