This is just an idea I've been kicking around, not sure if it would work for a game like BG3, but I always thought it would be cool if D&D made a game where the system was designed to go from adolescence to adulthood in a pre-LvL1 type tutorial.

Rather than being class based initially, the scheme would be more about building out the base attributes first, and explaining as they are gained what they do and what they represent.

The idea would be to start the character with all their attributes at half the normal value, so say 4 in everything instead of 8 for an adolescent human.

As the character progresses through the tutorial they gain their attributes 1 by 1, with each attribute introduced in sequence through gameplay, and where the increases have clear effects as you move through that portion of the game. So starting a 4 in strength, then through completing whatever exercises STR 5 is achieved.

BG3 doesn't really have the same connection to Candlekeep in BG1, but basically imagining Charname and Imoen as kids, with Gorion and the various NPCs showing them the ropes. Maybe culminating in something on the level of an actual adventure, where something goes awry and the PC has to step up, right of passage.

Basically building out the Char attributes first, but then shift into considerations like Class at the midpoint, and doing it so that each Cantrip was like a mini adventure to achieve or unlock. Background could also be touched on in a similar way. But essentially, its about making a game that leads the character to LvL1 with all the base abilities, just done sequentially.

I think that would make for a fun and simple way to introduce the D&D system to a new player.

Like even the most weaksauce D&D spell or ability would in real life be game changing fantasy crazy, so sort of building on that concept, but done up in that way. Could work for any race, if it was paced not like continuous time but as chapters/flashbacks. So a human maybe kicks off at 15, but for a Dwarf it would be at like age 50, elf at age 100 or whatever makes sense in universe.

It could potentially be a fun way to capture the spirit of the game, and make the big watersheds be like selecting or discovering your Class, and gaining the base abilities, then concluding with an equipment/merchant trainer that sets the player up for the LvL1 Crashing Ship.

It doesn't really have to be connected to BG directly, it could be in small-town Candlekeep type environment. Or kick of in a way that allows for flexibility. Like a caravan being raided on the road. Or one of those standard tropes, that has the young character thrust into stepping up after some calamity type situation. Probably a few ways into it, that would work for different char class types or background. But just sort of the basic idea of starting earlier pre lvl1 and building up to it. I can't remember if there were materials for that stuff in earlier editions of D&D?

Char creation in D&D is a barrier to entry, because its pretty complicated and almost all D&D crpg's assume prior knowledge, but I haven't seen before an attempt to introduced the core components. Things like attributes introduced via gameplay, and sort of teaching the player about the core systems before they have to make lasting decisions about them that will effect the rest of their play throughout. Using Level 1 as the endpoint rather than the start.

So for caster stuff it'd be a No to Low Magic scheme, (everything could be introduced via magical scrolls or items), for things like weapons it'd be Novice leading to basic Proficiency. Same deal for utility type skills or the sneak and steal variety. Doesn't have to be terribly long, or hugely involved. I just think it would be a cool way to introduce Dungeons and Dragons.

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