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#763160 07/03/21 07:59 AM
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Rezeki Offline OP
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Just finished a third playthrough (first playthrough of Patch 4!) and just made a quick list of bugs I took screenshots for

After killing all the goblins and having the after party, Shadowheart suggests "If we're truly desperate, we cantry to convince that goblin, Gut, in assisting us." even though we killed Gut.

In the Selune fortress in the underdark, there's a fence that you can walk through. Coming from the selune temple puzzle, it's immediately to the right next to the door. You can walk through the gate

Can't shove The drow lady (next to Skrut, I can't remember her name. The Drow lady in the selune temple that's one of the Absolute's main people) into the chasm she's right next to, even if you break the bridge to make more room

I killed Sharp-eye Sluck and the two other goblins sitting around that table in one attack with Wyll (burning hands) and Sharp-eye Sluck was dead but still was standing up and playing an animation like they were alive

Went to sleep and Wyll was holding a torch in his hand while lying on his back

Astarion keeps holding a book for like 5-10 seconds after resting and being returned to where we are before we rest

Some problems with shadows being marked as still in the sun and being in the sun and having it marked as shadow

Talking with the goblin girl that is in charge of the chicken chasing game - text shows ([GEN_CheckMagicPocketGold_6057ad05-9492-4630-910a-be548b134c54]) in the dialogue

In the Dwarf's Poem (eulogy for selinite who died in the dark below), it just says SHA_EntranceInstructionPaper

Also, this is the first time I romanced Shadowheart, and it was awesome to see her softer side. I definitely enjoyed her personality the most out of all of the characters, and am excited to see how she evolves throughout the entire game!

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old hand
old hand
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There already is a thread for that in the bug section of this forum. Maybe put it there, otherwise it might get overlooked.

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