Ho there traveler!

So I have been replaying the game for the first time in a bit and was trying to nail down my first impression. Specifically that the beginning feel is "off",a little too dark, and not consistent with past BG games.

Possible solution: Elminster of course.

A perfect time to make a first impression is on the beach as you wake up...what a great time for the wizard to pass by (He is like over 1000 years old, and one of several chosen of Mystra). He was the first face we saw in BG1 after we left Candlekeep (post moment of tension)...I mean just happen to see (NOT). He is privy to foresight, and was obviously curious and wanting to nonchalantly size us up.

This would be a great tie-in, and a perfect opportunity to drop in a bright character choice...someone who is traveling with Elminster for "a few leagues"; ultimately on their way to Balder's Gate.
We really need a bright female alternative to Shadowheart (or for others a compliment).

Bright, upbeat, has insight but is not too pushy, and who can can balance the party.

Bards can be a Swiss army knife of potential (can heal too), a life cleric (if you want to give the players a more direct alternative to Shadowheart, a wood elf druid (another versatile class with healing), or introduce another new class.

If companions have to have a tadpole, then someone Elminster was giving aid to perhaps (plenty of circumstantial writing choices).

Anyway...an idea for a moment of pause and reflection, a possible companion balance band-aid, and most importantly, the time to make a first impression.

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