I am assuming some of these topics have already been addressed but in case they are not here is some more things I have come across:

1. While I am assuming that there will be some sort of crafting such as scribing scrolls, alchemy, blacksmithing of some form, etc... what about fishing? I am constantly finding fishing poles all around so why not be able to fish up some fish? I know there is concern about the cheese factor in being able to eat food each round to stay relatively near full health. Perhaps it can be fed to a Ranger's companion for a tiny buff? Or does that sound to much like WoW??? Kinda does....

2. Expanded dialogue. I have come across certain events, findings that I think should trigger some expanded dialogue with certain NPCs. For instance when you come across the body of a dead tiefling where the Ogres are in the blighted village you learn that she is a friend of Zorru's, if you use speak with dead on her. Now you would think that this would cause more dialogue to happen when you go back to Zorru and try to inform him of what you found. perhaps it would trigger another quest? Another example would be in the temple ruins you come across a book of shar and you would think that having Shadowheart pick it up would trigger some sort of dialogue? Afterall a broken statue does. Or what about Wyll in the party when you find the note in the Harpy's nest?

I know that this is EA and we have only seen the barest glimpse of everything that the game will offer but I just wanted to highlight a couple things.