When starting the game, there is no sound for the cutscenes. I DID however get sound in one cutscene after the crash, but none of the ones leading up to it. There is no sound when selecting a new character's voice, but all other sounds (music, effects, UI, combat, etc) worked great. There were a few moments, probably 1 minute worth of dialogue within the whole intro leading up to the beach, where the voices can just barely be heard. Some of the dialogue during gameplay seems to go up and then fade, and then go up again pretty randomly.

I have tried a ton of things to fix this, just in case it was something on my end, but I can't find anything. This is an issue that is not affecting any other games.

I have tried it on 2 different headsets (USB and Analog) and a set of speakers, all with the same results. I have tried the game in Volkan and DX11. Both have no change.
I have tried changing and resetting the in-game audio. I have gone into my computer and tried to check the settings on my system. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the game. I play it through Steam. There are no overlays.

There isn't much about this I can find around to help, so if I'm just missing something glaring, I'd appreciate any advice.