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Joined: Oct 2020
Joined: Oct 2020
Yes we need real reactions, but my big fear is that Larian will take a few "mimimi I don't want a pop-up"s over the well-founded reasonings why we need to have reactions on a case to case basis. There is simply no way around them, if you don't want to absolutely gut many class features.

My bet at the moment is that the engine just cannot do it the right way right now. My fear stems from Larian hiding behind some people who just want a good looking action game, but not a DnD game.

Do what Solasta did and give the option to those people who love the random toggle so much.

Joined: Oct 2020
Location: Liberec
Joined: Oct 2020
Location: Liberec
Originally Posted by 1varangian
Originally Posted by mrfuji3
BG3 should use a combination toggle & pop-up system.
Originally Posted by RagnarokCzD
Simply implement "Ask" option ...
That way we would have all 3 option:
Dissabled > never used.
Auto > used automaticly whenever they can.
Ask > popup window asking us.
Everyone is happy.
Actually only the players who want an exact conversion from tabletop would be happy. The rest would still be stuck with a bad system with uncontrollable reactions unless they want to deal with a million prompts.

That's why bigger changes are needed.
Can you please elaborate?
I mean i dont know the tabletop rules so good so maybe i made some misstake ... but i would need you to explain me exact situation where this would not work.

I mean you are talking about uncontrollable reactions ...
I dont quite understand what do you mean ... all reactions would be toggable to either auto, ask or disabled ...
Meaning once you can use your reaction game will ask you wich one of all curently usable reaction set to "ask" you wish to use ... and you will pick ... then, if you dont pick any AND you would have any reaction set to Auto, it would use it (if possible ofc.).

Example then would be:
Your Wizard have Shield and Counterpell set on "Ask", Attack of Opourtunity set on "Auto", and Non-lethal blows "Disabled" ...
Oponent is casting ... game ask you: Do you wish to use reaction for Counterspell / Shield ?
You pick the spell ... therefore choosen reaction-spell is casted and your spellslot and reaction are consumed ...
OR you pick to do nothing ... therefore you cast nothing, your oponent casts the spell, and your reaction and spellslot are still prepared for futher use.
*Next round*
Oponent is running around your character ...
You have AOO set to Auto ... your character use his reaction to AOO ... your reaction is consumed.

What more control do you want? O_o


Second complaint was about "a million prompts" ...
I believe that is also not true ... simply set to "ask" only those you wish to be asked about, since you are not sure if you wish to se them all the time ...
You wish your Paladin to use Smite with every single attack? > Set that to Auto ...
You wish your Paladin to use Smite on only those attack where it will be needed and mostly effective? > Set that to Ask ...
You wish your Paladin to save his spellslots for the future and therefore dont use Smite at all right now? (For example when fighting goblins you kill by single regular strike?) > Set that to Disabled ...

Also if you have multiple choices to use in single moment, game should provide them all at once ...
After all (and this is the part im not quite sure, but) as far as i know ... or unless im misstaken ... you can use only single reaction per round ... so there is really no reason to not show them all at once.

So if you get to situation (not sure how you would but lets say) when you could use Shield, Counterspell, Smite and Attack of Opourtunity ... while you have it set as abowe (Shield > ask ... Counter > ask ... > Smite > ask ... AOO > Auto) ... game should give you all 3 spells to pick, while mention that if you will choose to not use any of them, AOO will be used ... now when i mention this, another button to skip that one too in that ask popup would be welcomed. laugh
So ... there will be allways only one prompt per reaction ...

And of course, once you find that having anything set to Auto, or Ask dont suit your needs ... you can easily change it by 2 clicks top. O_o
I would keep rotation as we have it now ... Disabled > Auto > Ask > Disabled > Auto > Ask > ...
(And maybe with option to right click and choose directly instead of left clicking and search in this rotation)

I really cant imagine any system that would be easier and more flexible. laugh
But if you can, please tell us. smile

I honestly believe that this is the best option for everyone ...
You wish to have every reaction automated and potentialy waste your spellslots, but not bother with them at all? > You can!
You wish to have fullcontrol over all your actions, but potentialy beting bothered by every option? > You can!
You wish to have litteraly anything in between with different actions for different situations? > You can!
You dont wisht o use any of reaction for some unknown reason? > You can!

I challenge you people, tell me what you cant do with this system! laugh I bet you cant find any scenario that would be unable.
(except those thar are against rules ... like use two reactions within single turn laugh )

Last edited by RagnarokCzD; 29/10/21 06:43 PM.

Short coment on my English. smile

Anyway ... i cast Eldritch Blast!
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