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Note - I did not originate this build. I am simply writing it up for /u/Aestus_RPG who asked me to do this.

Either choose Gold Dwarf or Half Wood Elf (My preference is Wood Elf due to the extra movement. As this is a Striker build; being in the right place at the right time is essential)

Starting Stats:
Str: 8
Dex: 14
Con: 16
Int: 8
Wis: 16
Chr: 10

Depending on race you will have some points left over, put these in Charisma or Int. Dealers choice.

Note: The original build suggests starting with 17 con and using Hag's hair to get con to 18 but as far as I am aware that is still bugged.

You should take Soldier or Outlander for Athletics (resist being shoved, shove better) and then grab Perception and Animal Handling or Nature. If Solo take Urchin.

Do NOT take Guidance at any point. Guidance requires concentration and it will cause problems if you use it in dialogue and it dismisses your Flame Blade.

Cantrips: Shillelagh and either Produce Flame or Thorn Whip. Again, do NOT take Guidance.

Level 2:
Take Circle of the Land Druid. You won't see benefit until level 3 though.

Level 3:
Choose Coast: You now have the key spells you need Flame Blade, Mirror Image, and Heat Metal.

Head to Waukeens Rest and take the "Rescue the Duke" quest by saving the Ambassador. Then choose the Circlet of Fire and equip it.

Level 4:
ASI + 2 Wisdom for your Feat

Choose either Thorn Whip or Produce flame as your Cantrip.

Go the the Arcane Tower in the underdark - head to the top floor. Either kill or Bypass the Guardian - Bernard. In the corner is a Stool of Hill Giant Strength. Smash the stool with a blade and you will get the Club of Hill Giant strength which is a 1 handed wooden club that sets your Str to 15.

Other Equipment:
Ring of Fire - adds +1 to fire damage - acquired by joining up with Glut and completing his quest to kill the existing Sovereign.
Ring of Poison resistance
OR Crusher's Ring
Gloves of Flint and Steel - Any time you do fire damage with a spell (Flame Blade) it sets your enemies on fire.
Scale Mail +1 or Githyanki Half Plate
Circlet of Fire - Once per turn any time you deal fire damage with a non-cantrip spell you get an additional bonus action.
Boots of Speed - use a bonus action to Dash

Main Hand: either the Wieldable Salami or a one handed Club until you get the Club of Hill Giant Strength
Offhand: Flame Blade

Strategy: Equip Club in main hand, cast Flame Blade and equip it in your -->off hand<--. Cast Shillelagh on your Main hand weapon to create a 1d8 + 4 weapon. Cast Mirror Image on yourself to protect from concentration loss.

With the Circlet of fire equipped you can attack twice with the offhand weapon the Flame Blade provided you connect with the first attack. Which means those offhand attacks can do 3d6 damage each.

Total 3 attacks at 1d8 + 4 + 3d6 + 3d6 = 11- 48 damage per round.

Alternate Strategy against heavily armored Opponents (Metal Armor):
Cast Heat Metal which does 2d8 + disadvantage to the enemy on attack rolls/ enemy may drop their weapon.
On Round 2 with Circlet of Fire you can use a Bonus Action to re-apply Heat metal x 2 - doing 4d8 damage per round or 4-32 damage

There is no save for any of these effects!!

Works really well against Githyanki, and Paladins of Tyr. All you have to do is run away and keep applying the damage. This is called "Cook and Book"

Additional Alternate strategy:
Grab the Warboard of the Absolute (+4 AC) and put the Scimitar in your main hand 21 AC- most enemies will have a 20% chance to hit you. Your DPS goes down but you now rival the Cleric of Light for tanking capability. This configuration also sheds light form the Flame Blade and will dispel shadows.

You can go even Tankier by tossing the Wooden club on casting shillelagh, and casting Shield of Faith on yourself for 23 AC - 10% chance to hit you.

Add to this the ability to switch into Wild Shape forms if you take some hits, or use Heat Metal on heavily armored opponents this showcases how incredibly flexible this build is.

Also if you grab some hand crossbows you can possibly use those bonus actions for offhand ranged attacks (at -2 to hit, druids are not proficient with hand crossbows) if you connect with the Flame Blade on your main hand.

See below for a more detailed Write up of this build as well as a discussion of strategy. I made some slight changes here and there but the primary concept came from /u/Aestus_RPG.

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I wonder ...
Do you think its a bug that Druids are able to use metalic armor without any penalisation? Or do you expect them to change it?

Vive et vivant. wink
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Originally Posted by RagnarokCzD
I wonder ...
Do you think its a bug that Druids are able to use metalic armor without any penalisation? Or do you expect them to change it?

I fully expect them to change it/fix it eventually. Right around the time they implement limitations on what spells wizards can learn haha!

because you are 100% right, they CAN wear Medium armor, but they are not supposed to be able to wear metal. Hopefully there are some options for alternative material druid armors.


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