Greetings all.

In name of the entire team at Larian Studios, I wish to offer you a very warm welcome to our new bulletin boards.

You’ll probably notice that these boards are still undergoing some construction work, but in general you’ll find that all the basic facilities are in place for conducting some heavy discussions. If you have any comments, suggestions or problems, be sure to post them in the thread “About this website”.

Currently our boards are still heavily focused on “Divine Divinity”, the game with the silliest name ever after “Bunny oh bunny, where’s that bunny”, but that’s about to change very very soon so be sure to stick around, at least if you have an interest in RPGs.

Have fun and be nice to each other,



You’ll notice that the old forums are now closed. The old user database has not been ported to the new bulletin board because we thought this was a good opportunity to weed out the non-participating members from the bulletin board’s user database. We realize this might lead to problems, but we trust that as always the civility that has been so explicit on the old forums will find its way to the new forums too. If you suspect someone from “identity theft”, please mail to and we’ll look into the matter and try to resolve it peacefully. If the complaint is valid we will reinstate the username to the previous owner.

Where stands it written that I have to be fair?