Characters with deeper personalities and things which make more sense:

There was a bit of a problem I found in DD. You know, Duke Janus being the Sword of Demon?

Well, the problem is that Duke Janus acted more like a spoilt brat than a powerful demon. I mean, given that the Demon of Lies was so powerful, he ought to have played a pivotal role in the wars against the human and other races. (Or am I wrong?)

This probably meant that he'd some form of experience in military planning, resources organisation or even various forms of combat(physical and spell-casting), etc. And he'd probably need to exert some form of power and control over his minions and also win their respect: given how violent and fanatic some of the demons were, I don't think they'd bow their heads to someone unworthy of their attention.

Or if he was just a demon sealed within the sword and without any military experience, he'd still know a bit about combat and stuff since he likely could sense things while being wielded.

Now, the issue is that Janus didn't really display any of those qualities. He even let himself get hurt(what's the purpose?) and didn't seem to be rather competent in terms of military planning. If he was really crafty, he'd lure the Lord Protector into a task at night and get Iona to finish him off. Maybe, I'm missing something but wasn't the Black Ring mainly responsible for the cause of the wars and not the demons? Or was Janus the one who did all the planning but used the Black Ring to do the execution of the plans?

Edit: Also, another issue is that the many npcs didn't seem to have any friends or associates. Even the Black Ring members and other npcs didn't seem to know anyone.

Therefore, I hope DD2 will be more convincing in terms of npc personalities.

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