I am a lot of hours into the game (lvl 25 in the fjord). I am playing the german version.

I just wanted to say that this game is so awesome. I hope that these forums catch on fire and you make a ton of money from Div2. Games like this only come along every so often (Div1, Gothic1@2, Morrowind) and you have made one of the greats for sure.

The environments are perfect. Everything feels handmade and not generic like Oblivion. All the little secrets and small details are what make a great RPG. I love the fact that you do not prevent exploration by making the player worry about screwing up a quest. I love the fact there is no level scaling.

I thought that the dragon thing would be a turnoff but it's great too.

My only gripe, and one I got over pretty quickly, are not being able to use the cursor to click on things.

This game will be mentioned for years to come as one of the best RPGs of all time. I love you guys and keep at it.