a horrible black or yellowish line that directly follows the contours of terrain/mountains/trees in the distance is visible in this game.
reminiscent of the cartoon outlines you see in some games like borderlands.

its located at 2 points at equal distances apart. just at the location where anisotropic filtering would be doing its stuff.

all settings maxed. 1920x1200
radeon 4890 - 9.9 cat drivers
windows 7 ultimate
c2d q8400
4gb ddr2 1066mhz

will update with a screenshot or 2 if i find out how to take one ingame.

edit - after doing some more testing i can see that the 'lines' are directly related to shadows.
the lines across everything in the game directly correspond to where shadows start getting drawn.
turning off shadows completely removes the lines - turning down shadow quality has no effect - turning down/off anisotropic filtering has no effect.

edit - SOLVED. will mark topic as so if possible.
updating to the 9.11 catalyst drivers fixed the problem. you can still see the shadows drawing in the distance but at least the horrible toon outline has gone.

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