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dvd69i Offline OP
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Joined: Dec 2009
i'm playing quite some time and i got to the part where i finely becom a dragon once i become a dragon i fight all the cattapultes and the nests and those small creatures but when i finely finish them off and the dragon speaks "you have done well defeating the enemy let us retorn to the tower". and then it goes to loading and the fame gets stuck.
what should i do is there a fix patch for this?

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old hand
old hand
Joined: May 2003
Is this an German version of the game hacked into English?

If the answer is No:
It could be a problem with your saved file. If the above doesn't fix the game, try to load from an earlier point in the game and see if the problem persists (load the previous game and save it as a new saved file).

If the problem still persists, try a reinstall, it sounds like the game is having trouble finding a file.
Also make sure you repatch the game and see if it works after this.

If the answer is Yes:
There is probably a corrupted file that the game cannot find and goes into an infinite loop trying to load. No further support on hacking it is offered on these forums including private messages.

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