This topic is to let the community know what issues we are aware of and are looking into.
This does not mean other topics are not being looked at. Some issues can be solved by looking into other forum threads or reading the the first aid kit.

Xbox USA:

- For XBOX USA, a patch was released on January 23rd, 2010 that will update your game. This patch fixes a savegame problem which could mess up story, freeze your character, or make items and doors disappear. You should update your version with this patch. If you do not patch, you will experience problems when you overwrite savegames.

Note: the savegames you made earlier are NOT corrupted. You can use them in the patched game.

- Framerate issues:
** Some areas of the game have low FPS due to AI handling. This issue is currently being looked at.

All PC 1.03 versions :
- Stuck on loading screen after ladybug movie and more loading screens.
** Patch 1.03 should fix this. If this still happens to you with patch 1.03, please contact us.

- Overwrite problem description:
** Making quiksave A, loading quicksave A, overwriting quicksave A to quicksave B, loading quicksave B. This causes your savegame to load incorrectly.
** Workaround: Save your game in separate slots. If you cannot, simply delete your old save, then make a new one. If you do not overwrite savegames directly, you will not encounter the issue.

Note for savegame overwrite issue:
Your savegame is NOT corrupted. Restart your game and load the save again.

All USA Platforms:
- Player text missing in Keara's Fortress statues, Kevin the pig, needleman's door, Dragon Crystal statues.
** This issue is currently fixed. Will be included in next patch.

If your issue is not in this list, please browse the forum before creating a new thread or the first aid kit topic.