Support Contact

If you encounter difficulties installing or running Divinity II - Ego Draconis, do not hesitate to contact our technical support department by email:

In order to help you most effectively please describe the problem as clearly as possible and attach your DirectX Diagnostic. To create a DxDiag, follow these instructions: click Start, click Run, in the Open box, type dxdiag and then click OK. In the tool that pops up, click the button "Save All Information" and choose a location for the file. Please attach this file to your email.

Please ensure you provide precise details of your query to our technical support team. These details should include the following points:

- Type of problem?
- When does this problem occur?
- Does this problem occur each time?

It will also help us if you can send a screenshot of the error message.


Patches and Updates

To download the patch or update for your version, please visit the following support page.


Technical Forums

To find a solution to your problem or to discuss technical issues, please visit the technical sections in our forum:

English technical sections
German technical sections
French technical sections