RPG France visited the Divinity II booth at GamesCom in Köln and wrote down some of their impressions (translated):

"Flames of Vengeance is one of the games of the show that convinced me the most, so congratulations to the team ! Now we only have to wait until October 2010 to get our hands on it!"

If your french is any good, head here for the full article.

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Meanwhile several German reviews popped up of Flames of Vengeance.

Web.de gave it a "Very good" stating that "Those who closed Divinity II in their hearts, will not regret delving into this lovingly made expansion pack".

Looki.de awarded Flames of Vengeance 82% and said "It is a must for all fans".

Gamecaptain.de rated Flames of Vengeance 80% and said "Flames of Vengeance offers everything that made the main game such fun: Innovative quests, action-rich fights and a decent portion of humor".