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I forgot the quest subject but I have chosen this name & pedestal :
1. Marhem
2. Chaos
3. Devastation
4. Waste
5. Havoc
what I must to do ????

and then the quest about zeppelin, where the locations all item (compass etc) ?

thx b4.....

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Joined: Mar 2003
Location: Canada

Your names are off. Did you mindread Keara or find the note which says the statues lie?

See Keara's statue names for the clues and solution.

If you would like help with figuring it out yourself...
For the statue names, once you know they lie, just write down the clues opposite of what they say. My interpretations of the clues looked like the following

M with H. D not with C

2 not D or C. W not with M

M not alone. H not in room with statue 3

4 either C or H. C either in room with statue 4 or W

5 not with W. 5 either M or W.
and then
From the last clue, statue 5 must be M.
From the first clue (M with H), statue 4 must be H.
From the second clue (2 not D or C), statue 2 must be W, since that is the only option left.
From the forth clue (C either in room with statue 4 or W), statue 3 must be C
this leaves statue 1 as D

There are 9 zeppelin parts total, 3 of each kind, in or near various wyvern nests (one in a treehouse). At least one rudder, compass and crystal is required to get to Aleroth. If you want a spoiler, here is a map of the fjords, showing the rough locations for the 9 parts (marked with an S ). Alternately, from the walkthrough,
-Crystal 1: on the tiny island just south of the entrance to the fjords; climb
up the ladder and retrieve it from on top of Yggdrasil

-Crystal 2: on a low cliff east of Camp Sentinel View, across the water from
Camp David

-Crystal 3: on a cliff in the middle of the bend just before the entrance to
Rivertown Gorge [EDIT on the same ledge as a boarded-up cave door]

-Rudder 1: a short ways east of the Camp Freedom teleporter

-Rudder 2: halfway between the Imps' Lair and Camp David

-Rudder 3: on a low southwest cliff near the exit to Rivertown Gorge

-Compass 1: on the cliff directly opposite Rudder 1

-Compass 2: high up above Moor's shack, just northeast of the entrance to
Keara's Flying Fortress

-Compass 3: on a cliff just before the bend on the way to Rivertown Gorge

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